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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Belt

I don't think most kids need the belt. When I grew up Pop would manually adjust our attitudes with a wooden spoon and everything was cool after that. The strap was an option if we chose to escalate our difference of opinion. If we survived that, Pop had a stock whip. There were no doubts about whether he would use them or not if he felt the need. Pop was not abusive but he didn't take shit off his kids and that is to my benefit. Raised as kids are now - I'd probably be in jail!

Crime and punishment was never a relationship I could get across to my daughter. I was told groundings and time-outs would correct her behaviour but as a kid - if you put her in a room full of books and crayons and paper - she could do years in her room standing on her head. I was like that too as a youngster. I took the wooden spoon to her twice as a child and both times I was told I was an abusive father. I look at that little twerp now, and realize I was a softy and let the outlaws coddle her and spoil her. She never grew up as result - like so many of these millennial snowflakes these days.

For you younger folks - trust me on this: you spare the rod and spoil the child... at some point in life you will both regret it.


  1. my dad was a hillbilly. his belt was not just for holding up his pants.
    as boys reach a certain age--the age at which a jewish boy was bar mitzvahed and told he was a man--they need a very firm hand indeed.
    i think the jewish wisdom was that if you give one of these feelin-their-oats kids the responsibilities and work of a man, they are too tired at the end of the day to lip off.

  2. Glen:
    I'm envious of your childhood...all YOU got was "the spoon".

    Dad has a braided rawhide length, that had one end taped together, with the other end a "loop".
    Now THAT causes spontaneous compliance when applied to the "seat of knowledge"...TRUST ME!
    There was also the razor strop, but that was used for knives and such (thank God).

    Imagine such devices today would be considered instruments of TORTURE...when all they were was an "educational supplement" for we kids who tried to climb the stupid ladder.

    Stay safe (and able to sit down for dinner) out there.

  3. Deb, that is just it. Kids have no creative, wholesome avenues to devote their time to anymore. The boy scouts are havens for faggots and pedos, boyish pursuits are now seen as toxic masculinity, and in class, schools, prog teachers try to turn them into girls. That, and now real means of punishment ... are producing the expected results.

    I will mind my P's and Q's, Bob. We get bare bummers around here! :)