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Sunday, 29 April 2018

This Is How We ALL End

I spend too much time with the wrong crowd. You know the type - the guys that see things - obvious things... and then ask the wrong questions. The guys that won't shut up when they get stupid explanations for the stupid stuff they're seeing.

Ours is a time of lots of endings, it seems. Marriages and families end every day. Mainstream Christianity is over, as is the age of reason. Classical science is over. A discussion with a feminist, or an environmentalist or a Marxist will explain that. Yesterday out on the road I was on Big Red and fell in behind a young lady driving an econo-shitbox with the usual liberal bumper stickers on it. "Powered by Bitchdust". "Strong Is The New Sexy". I just smirked sadly and figured the age of women is over too. There are those that think the white race is over and they have a lot of ammo for their argument. Shitty white liberal women are leading their lemmings over that cliff, and I suppose I am indeed 'on the wrong side of history' in the making. Wasn't president Obutthole that said that?

What errant stupidity: To prove we aren't racists and haters, we are 
flooding our countries with ignorant, violent, hateful racists.

What black baboons like Barak Obama and his simian race whores don't understand is that if Whitey disappears into history's rearview mirror... the black man goes back to the jungle, or he goes back to his historical roots as a slave, a savage, a servant or a criminal. The unfortunate reality is that those will be the lucky ones.

The average black IQ is 85. Years ago the military conducted their own studies and found out the lowest IQ for acceptable recruits was 83. Any dumber than that - and they couldn't follow simple instructions and supervising them would become a tactical liability. This is all a matter of public record; extrapolated, it means that 40% of blacks are too stupid to hold even menial jobs. How will they fare in world without foreign aid, welfare, and charity? Hell, their own black tribes will probably murder them.

It's easy to strike the pose of the dissident free thinker and contrarian in all this. There are guys that can do that better than I can, but my question now is... now that most of us see what's going on, and know what the end game is... what do we do about it?

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