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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

This N' That

I've been lolling in the doldrums of late. I need to blow some dust off the ol' brain box but can't figure out what to do that will wake me up. All I feel these days is sluggish lethargy. Maybe some more sun and longer days will put the blues on the run.

Last weekend I forced myself to rebuild my smallest Crapcopter to date.

It's a Crispy Mini Crapcopter!

I built that big one behind it 4 years ago. This is how fast the technology is moving: back then I had a team of kids helping me build that big POS. It took me two weeks to get it to even talk to the computer in order to configure it. I had to load buggy bootloading programs, device drivers and none of it would have been a big deal to a computer engineer. But the kids in Europe talked me through it. The ESC's were huge and used bullet connectors. Today they're about the size of your thumbnail. Everything is soldered now - no connectors. The flight controllers are orders of magnitude more functional than the crappy kk2's I originally ran. The boards come pre-flashed, with the PID's already tuned - right out of the box. You can literally build one in a couple hours and fly. Nobody flies those big honkers anymore, the deal now is to make them small, fast, and stetch their ranges out. It's crazy.

The Crispy Mini flew like a champ yesterday so I am going to go out tonight and test my luck again.
Wish me luck.

Hope y'all had a great Hump Day. Two more days until the weekend....


  1. b12 shots and d3 capsules plus expose skin to sun every day- always same area of skin. 5 minutes at noon, 15 minutes late or early in the day.
    you will feel better.

    1. I do my Grandmother's vitamin cocktails: C, D, and E. I also take glucosomine (supposedly it helps with bones and pains (and I don't think it does)).
      Maybe I need medicinal pot?