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Thursday, 5 April 2018

This N' That...

Well my last day of freedom was yesterday. I went out to the range to enjoy my last weekday shoot that only unemployment could make possible. Last time I was out it looked like spring had finally set in, but since then winter has decided to have another go at us. I had bought a bag of peanuts for the squirrels that live out at the club - but I forgot them on the last trip out and ended up eating most of them myself! I did manage to save a half bag for them though.

I scattered some peanuts round the garbages where the squirrels
tend to forage.
There were no takers today though. I told the range officer
that I was putting out bait with the intent
of potting the little buggers for a stew,
and he made some extremely rude comments about my marksmanship.
Gunnies are all a-holes.

I started the new job today and I am trying not to get too excited. But... it looks really good. You never know until you've been there awhile, but gawd knows, I could sure use the break after that last gang of chit heads I worked for. I won't have to travel, or wear steel toes or a lid anymore. As long as they treat me right, and I can afford bullets, beans and beer - it's all good.

I'm struggling with my faith again. I dunno if it's blasphemy, but reading Paul just drives me nuts. He sounds like a prattling, sanctimonious scold and that turns me right off. Can I say stuff like that? When I said it to the wife she gave me the stink-eye.

Christianity has also robbed me of the pleasures of schadenfreude. I'm a critical thinker, graduated from the school of hard knocks. So when I see stuff like that YouTube HQ office shooting - I just want to gloat in the worst way! What did those idiots think was going to happen when they start 'moderating' their content to the tastes of finks, bedwetters, and butt blasters? It was icing on the cake when the shooter turned out to be a vibrant vegan left wing carbuncle just like themselves. I want to laugh at them and tell 'em it bloody well serves 'em right. So it goes, same thing for another old blogger that I love to hate. He's a ropey mouthed old turd that loves to crap all over Christians and picks fights with people he shouldn't. The other day he was bitching about how disgusted he was with the world because it owed him a living, Christians are all a-holes, and people get all mad at him and unreasonable when he mouths off at them. Ordinarily I'd have some sport with a prick like that too - but all that is no longer permissible under the creed I bought into. Crap not upon those that deserve it, lest ye be crapped upon yourself! You're supposed to pray for them and let God sort 'em out. I suppose I'll meet 'em half way: I pray that those idiots that got shot up at YouTube all smarten up, buy guns for their own protection - and learn how to use them. I'll be happy if they just use some bloody sense when they moderate. And - gag - I hope that old sonofabitch blogger gets his meds right, or that God works a miracle for him so he'll just shut the hell up! HAR HAR HAR! 

I know, I know: "It's Christianity, Filthie! Yer doing it wrong...!!!" If I keep working at it, one day I'll be a better man. But that'll have to do for now.

Hope you're all well, and thanks for stopping by. Have a good Friday!


  1. you know, st. paul was a pharisee and a lawyer?
    you can read st. peter writing that maybe st. paul's great learning may have messed with his head!
    that is why the two are shown together in icons, their differences having been cured in heaven.

  2. Well that's the thing, isn't it Deb? A person can read the bible but a lot of the voices in it need context to mean anything. You had to know who they were talking to, what they were doing and the details involved to understand their motivations... and I don't have any of that yet. I like history so it should be fun.

  3. takes a lot of learning and history to get the gist of some of it, and still cannot have complete understanding, outside of the action of the Holy Spirit enlightening you, because we have nothing to compare some of it to in our modern world.
    when you consult scholars compare and contrast as some are biased, certainly calvinists are biased, for example.
    must use multiple sources.
    i suggest reading the entire Bible, including apocrypha, all the way through several times.
    i have even slogged through the begats several times, just to be thorough.
    takes a few years but very useful.
    of course, keep reading new testament daily. i like st. john's Gospel best. also
    and the prophets are really eye opening. comlete description of nuclear war and aftermath by people who had no idea of the existence of the atom. God showed them.
    esdras II is stunning but cannot be found in all Bibles. esdras is nehemiah.

    II is the prophecy book. better than any novel.
    esdras I tells about temple building, get the esdras that is prophecy.

    1. I am going to, Deb. At my wife's chapel they have regular study sessions where they go over the history and geopolitics of the times - and it's just as you say. Slavery was a thing back then. Capital punishment was commonplace, rule of law was touch-and-go, and we were very different people back then. There was no abortion, no feminism, no leisure time, no real medicine, etc etc.

      So much to learn... :)

  4. I remember when I first read Paul, at the time I said, "I have a problem with Paul," to a mentor. He told me context is everything.

    I also struggled with loving your neighor. I defined love as some sort of emotional attachment, I couldn't love strangers like that. I got a new definition for love that I could work with. Love is wanting the best for someone. That worked for me.

    Paul's letters only give us a fraction of what was going on in the early churches. Sometimes he seems to be against marriges other times he recommends it. We don't know what was going on in those churches and we don't know what was in the letters they wrote to Paul.

    The Bible Project on Youtube has some good videos on the bible. I watch their videos and find them to be very helpful. Here's a short video on 1 Thessalonians.

    Read Scripture: 1 Thessalonians

    I also like Frank Turek, he has some good debates and lectures worth watching.

    Have You Ever Had Doubts?

    Please get yourself a modern english bible. The KJV is a good translation but very hard to understand. There are some folks who are KJV only, maybe there are some KJV'ers in your local church? Take your KJV to church and don't mention your modern bible.

    Biblegateway has over 150 free bible versions online.

    I use the ESV. This is my bible:

    ESV Pew and Worship Bible, Large Print (Navy Blue) Hardcover – Large Print

    CDN$ 24.25 - ISBN-10: 1581349033

    Nobody is perfect, we all struggle. Pray for wisdom and don't take everything too seriously. Nobody has all the answers, we just have to do our best and trust in Jesus. His grace is sufficient, God looks at His work on the the cross, if God looked at our sins we would be in trouble.

    Take care


    P.S. nobody likes the Rat. lol

  5. Check out these Frank Turek videos sometime :

    Why Christianity is True | Frank Turek, PhD

    I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist (1 of 2) - Frank Turek, PhD

    I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist (2 of 2) - Frank Turek, PhD


    1. Well thanks for the links, JJ. I have seen one or two already but will be checking out the others too.

      The ol' Rat is a piece of work. And to be fair my issues with him are totally self induced - fight with stupid people, you'll win stupid prizes. I'm too busy for that anyway.

      You have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!