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Saturday, 21 April 2018

V Is For Villainy

It's been an odd week around here at Castello Di La Filthie. I am coming to terms with a new job where I work with and for kids half my age - but they show levels of maturity and common sense that I haven't seen for ten fuggin years while I worked for my old company. If these kids are the kind of people they appear to be - this job should do - for awhile, at least. Employment is unstable and volatile in Alberta right now and, judging from the idiots we have running the nation and province, it's gonna stay that way for awhile. That's gubbimint though - there is a blurred line between stupidity and villainy when they are at work.

On the innernet, a perusal of The Usual Suspects evokes images of darkling shadows that portend more uncertainty and changes ahead. To me it feels like there are pawns being moved about a cosmic chess board and I can only see a few of the pieces in play. Turdiebeach over at The Fourtyfive notices that he doesn't fit into the scheme of things anymore. Over at the Z Blog, the host and sole proprietor asks the question that very few have the courage to ask - why are the women going nuts? A fella can get shot and pissed on just for asking questions like that in the wrong places these days. You can go and poop in the comment sections of those ones as I did - feel free to do so here too, if you're so inclined. In both cases, one has to consider these posts and ask, "Is it stupidity or villainy driving stuff like this? Or both?" Disengaged men. Lunatic women. I don't like where this is going, myself.

The women in my family have all gone off the deep end: my daughter is a militant queer social justice warrior. My mother in law was a loud, domineering woman that literally bossed herself right out of her own family. My mother is a champagne socialist, or a limousine liberal - she got a soft, cushy gubbimint job with early retirement with full bennies and pension and figures the world owes it all to her and more... and she gets it because she's better than everyone else. All these women in my family love head games ... and as I get older - I just don't have time for their shit anymore. I seriously thank God Almighty for sparing my wife this cursed lunacy - and myself.

It's horrible, in a way. My daughter is a distant memory now, I can't even summon tears for her now. I am on Mom's chit list and she isn't talking to me at the moment - I think I violated the rules of some geriatric head game she is playing - and I don't care about that either! As for my mother in law - no way do I want her and her idiot husband back into my life. Is all this stupidity or villainy on my part? I dunno, I see the consequences of the self induced lunacy these women brought upon themselves, and it's like a train wreck - I can't save them and I can't watch anymore. I need to be in a happier place. If they need me they can call me. Or not. They have their own life stories to write, and my chapter in their lives is over.

This weekend at The Castle we are bachelors. The wife is off at some women's conference the church put on in BC. I think the old hens are just gonna sit around slurping coffee, gobbling pastries and chattering like birds, HAR HAR HAR! And - while The Boss is away on a well earned mini-vacation, we are going to whoop it up here today too! We'll start with eggs - yes, my dawgs will be dining with me this morning, eggs for them too! Then - long range dawg patrols, maybe a few chores and errands. I have some leather work for King Peter (he and Mary want to do coffee but I have to meet with Flapz because who knows what that idiot is up to these days), and I have a micro-Crapcopter that I have been trying to get working all winter. And somehow I gotta get some range time in around all that! There's gonna be all kinda stupidity and villainy going on round here this weekend too.

Somehow my wife and I avoided the lunacy afflicting so many
these days. Actually for awhile there, the women in my family were making ME crazy too.
Our "five days in May" turned out to be 33 years and counting.
I guess that these are my anchors now. The wife, the dawgs, the kids at work - 
this is why my Maker put me here, this is my mission.
I choose to accept the assignment and get in the game.
Hmmmm... is this what 'contentment' is?

GAH. It's 4:30 in the morning, and Mort just shit himself downstairs. Dawgs don't ordinarily fart like that, so I better get up and throw him outside and start my day.

Have a great Saturday.


  1. I used to love Blue Rodeo and played them constantly. When they decided to get political a few years back they ruined it for me. Now I cannot listen to them.

    1. Oh no.

      I can just guess which way their politics went too. Sigh.

    2. Also - have you gotten the bike out yet, BW...?