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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

And, Because It's Worth Repeating:

In my tours of the Man-O-Sphere I've seen it posited that tats on women is a sure sign of unstable character. And if ya say that to the wrong person in the wrong place, some women will start foaming at the mouth and calling you names because you're generalizing or being a chauvinistic bigot. Some get so spun up they prove you right.


  1. That is Sargent Preston of the Northwest Yukon, and King, the Wonder Dog.

    What I learned about Canada I learned from watching Sgt. Preston. Like, for instance, "Halt! In the name of the crown!"

    Because, you see, the Canuks have kings and queens and stuff, and even IF all the queens are in Quebec, they're still there. In Canada.

  2. HAR HAR HAR!!!!

    The queens are running the RCMP these days. It's sad, actually. Today's force is a shit stain on Candadian law enforcement. I remember better times, when the Mounties were better people and you could set your watch and warrant by them.