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Saturday, 5 May 2018

And Why Was I Not Consulted?

After all, I am the world's formost authority on Crapcopters!

OyTube has quite a few good clips of fellas trying to upscale these things to carry pilots and passengers. It was a hoot - the Euros seemed to concentrate on flying lawn chair contraptions that look like they were designed by Darwin and Murphy. The Chinks made some more streamlined and smaller versions that were still a long way away from anything approaching practicality. The Yanks? I was stumped because they seemed to be staying out of the race to produce viable crapcopters altogether. 

Then I saw this:

Good luck boys. Let me know when they go up for sale -
I will want to use one to bomb 
the old hens that hang out with the Bayou Renaissance Man,

My faith in American aviation is restored, although I am slightly miffed that I was not included in the research, development and design of this aircraft! If anyone needs me I will be hunting down the specs on this machine - and we'll keep you informed. 


  1. It doesn't specify payload, but I see that the top speed is 70 mph, ceiling 4000 feet, flight time is one hour. It uses a gasoline engine to power the generator, and has batteries and a parachute for safety backup systems.

    Impressive. Check the link:

  2. Hey thanks, WL. I recently came across some Yanks playing with hybrid crapcopters on the benchtop/model scale - and I guess these guys beat those guys to the punch with it.