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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

At One Point These Idiots...

... apparently RULED 3/5 of the globe.

This faggy looking kid is a story in itself about the decline and fall
of formerly Great Britain.

I read somewhere that the police took down a pic of a weapons bust they had made. You know the drill on these things - they'll call a press conference, and proudly display machine guns, grenades, a couple bricks of coke and preen for the cameras. Welp - the kippered morons in England did the same - only their 'weapons haul' had butter knives, scissors and household implements. The result from the public was predictably - and rightfully - scorn and contemptuous laughter.

Hate to say it but it's true - this is what happens when cities and companies get taken over and run by women and minorities. Stir your tea with your pinky fingers, you limey morons - and don't complain to me about it. If you'd kept your guns and common sense you wouldn't be in this boat now. It serves you right.


  1. What the hell can one expect from a bunch of snowflakes afraid of their own shadows!

    ...Never bring a spoon to a knife fight...

    ..."WWW" used to stand for "World Wife Web." It now stands for "World Wide Whine!"

  2. That's the other one I like. Apparently, offending the wrong person on the internet can get you arrested in Kipperland. I have nothing but contempt for the British now ... and the majority of my idiot countrymen up here in Canada that think the same way...