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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Back To The 1950's

There's a lot of folks that want to go back to the 1950's. I like Kate and the Captain and read them often. Of course when Aaron wrote this, and it popped up on Kate's blog - the usual heads exploded in the comments. "But...! But! But!!! The queers! The blacks! Wymin!!!! They were oppressed by fuggin white men!!! We had no rights!!!"

Granted the tool saying that was no doubt a hare lipped troll and a retard, but he accidentally made a valid point. Nowadays those groups all have more rights and get more preferential treatment than I do as a white man. They've destroyed most of our institutions and have just recently put an end to the Boy Scouts. Queers have their own churches, blacks run their own cities, and women are now heads of state and companies.

My question is this - are they any happier for it? I'm asking because I don't know. I am looking at these angry old cat ladies that are obviously lonely too. The queers are still pissed at the world and even tried to make the rest of us re-invent our language and pronouns to appease them. Feminists are still screeching about glass ceilings and patriarchy even though they are in positions of authority everywhere. And they're still bitching. Look at Hillary Clinton - she has more money than she knows what to do with, she only has a few years left on this earth - and she's in the news every other week accusing our leaders of incompetence and misconduct that she herself was guilty of. The mind wobbles.

One of the things I found in faith, that I could find nowhere else - is the idea of being thankful. There is no room for that in the prog/leftist ideology at all. When I sat back and actually started thinking of all the things I could thank my Maker for - I discovered contentment. There is no room for that in the prog/leftist world either.

That's a question indeed. If things are so much better now for progs and all their victim groups in today's politically correct leftist utopia - why are they all still so angry?

I knocked down a 21 year old crab apple tree yesterday, and have a bit of a mess to clean up today. This morning on Dawg Patrol the creek was running and chuckling to itself, there's no ice anywhere... and the sun is shinin'. Hope y'all have a great Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. i am thankful for plumbing, water treatment plants, and sewerage treatment plants.
    my dad came up with none of those things.
    hauling water from the spring in winter.
    outhouse in the heat of august [phew!] and the freezing of winter.
    i thank God when i go to the grocery store- the shelves are full and i can buy anything there that is within the budget.
    and i didn't have to hoe a single row in the sun to eat.
    hoeing in the sun is misery. ask me how i know.
    very thankful for toilet paper--our forebears did not have it.
    very thankful indeed. hospital not too far, can see it in winter out the back window, pharmacy not too far either.
    all is good!