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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Boyfriends And Girlfriends

One of the biggest mistakes good people have made is surrendering our morality to the radical left. They've shamed us into accepting and tolerating utter lunacy and no end is in sight. We'll be lucky if this deepening polarization doesn't end in blood shed.

Years ago I was debating with my father in law about homosexuality. His stance was that because his granddaughter was queer, it was okay and it had damned well be okay by me too - or else. What's wrong with it? Why is what they do in their bedrooms any of YOUR business, he asked.

I told him to stop and think about that. What, exactly, goes on in the bedrooms of two ugly lesbians? How about you picture that, without whitewashing it or ignoring it? Have you ever seen an old lesbian? Have you ever seen a warm, loving and happy lesbian?

This is about as close as you'll get.
This is the premiere of Morontario, Kathryn Wynne.
She thinks your kids should be forced into public education and be 
introduced to homosexual sex ed in grade 3.
She's bankrupted the province and her policies are getting 
loonier by the day. She's involved in at least a half dozen 
scandals and boondoggles.
But, heaven forbid and rest assured - her sexuality has NOTHING to do with
her despicable, erratic behaviour!!!

And of course, when I pointed this obvious stuff out to my father in law, he predictably called me an idiot and a homophobe. A couple years later I told him what I thought of him and his idiot wife and I think they were shocked. Maybe they learned something from the dissolution of their family but I doubt it.

My advice to young men like the fella in the pic above is that if ya have to make clarifications and conditions like that - you probably shouldn't be involved with it. My wife and I have taken back our own morality and it seems to work well for us. I sometimes sit back and wonder about my estranged family... and then shrug and get on with my day. Some bodies are better left buried.

Have a happy Humpday, folks, and work safe.


  1. going by appearance i would say the premiere is a premier.
    and if he is going to wear a dress he can get help from drag queens who are expert with make-up.

    1. It's a 'she' Deb - technically speaking, at least. The story I have is that the old shrew discovered she was queer, had her carpet munching life partner move in - and banished her former husband to the basement!
      Feeling sorry for the citizens of Morontario or Queerbec is like feeling sorry for Californians that cut their own throats. Best thing to do is pass them the knife and smile.

    2. the only sorrow i feel relative to california is that they have such a far reaching and deleterious effect on the nation and the world.