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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Filthie's Saturday Nite Drive-In

It's been a fair to good week round here at Castello Di La Filthie. I got some work done, the grass is cut, I did the whitewalls on Big Red, Dawgs walked, washed the last of the winter dust off the bike... and now I'm waiting out the noon heat in the house where it's cool. I gotta dump the oil on the mower, the genny, and might do the bike as well - but that can wait for another weekend.

After a hot summer day of chores around the house - why don't we all pack up, go back in time, return to our youth... and hit the drive in? We'll drive the cars of our youth too!  I'll be there, driving my beat up '76 Ford pick up held together with faith and duct tape.

World famous author, explorer, and adventurer, WL Emery - will be there, driving his town and country car...

BW will go, of course!

You can bet your last dollar Jack will be there...

Where did fuggin Quartermain get a... a... ya know what? I don't want to know! Probly be full a jail bait tire biters and bimbos!!!

And of course Chicken Mom and Sunny will be there too!

So - what's the feature playing tonight...? Welp, this last week we had a ripper of a Retard Pooh Pool Party, I got emotionally triggered by gophers and had to do a time out in the cry closet. But - I've since regained a semblance of emotional stability now, so let us feature a film from another time, when people still knew how to joke and laugh - and some of the people in Hollywood poked fun at us rather than lectured us.

Look at the names. 
It'll be good to see some absent friends again too.


  1. The last time I was at the drive-in we went to see Twister, not a boring movie much of the time but my date(future wife) fell asleep during the excitement. Guess I should have blown the horn or something but sometimes it is best to let sleeping dates sleep and watch the movie.

  2. Wow. It has been forever since I have been to a drive in.

  3. CaddyShack! One of my all time favorites. The scene that really makes me laugh out loud is when assistant grounds keeper Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) starts attacking the flowers in the Cinderella Story.

  4. I miss the actors. Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield could have been the next chapter of 'Abbot And Costello'. Thanks for stopping by folks.