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Friday, 4 May 2018

FridayCanadiana: All Roads Lead To... Tranna???

Tranna is Canada's answer to NYFC (New York Fuckin' City - as it has become known to my tribe). It is a veritable den of sinners and sodomites of every description. It is a politically correct cesspool of ethnic racists and mystery meat races, with your garden variety carpetbaggers, criminals and thugs thrown in for spice. It is a sanctuary city for stupid people. It is what you would expect of a city that is a bastion of liberal lunacy.

One of it's features is the infamous 401 highway.

Stretching like a sewage pipe into that pestilent urban

Lookit that monster. That road is a monument to human stupidity, and an insult to the road building Romans that strung Europe together. It's a straight line!!!!!! And yet, at any given time, with all those lanes - at least half, and sometimes all of it is backed up or grid locked, because the idiots driving on it can't even handle a straight line!

They drive like animals on it too. People will literally kill you to get a half car-length ahead and you have to drive aggressively on it. The first time I saw it was from an airplane and back in the 80's it was the size of 7 or 8 Edmonton's. Being a farm kid, looking at all that humanity unsettled me.

It's easy to see why these big sprawling cities produce the kind of people they do. Leading any kind of normal, healthy and wholesome lifestyle in a city that large has to be well nigh impossible.


  1. I think you nailed it. That highway looks crazier than a sack of weasels to me, and I can imagine driving on it. I've driven I-75 in Detroit during rush hour, which is an experience. The speed limit is 55. I was in the right lane (the slow lane) doing a solid 70 mph so I wouldn't get rear ended. People in the center lane were doing 90, and the drivers in the far left, the hammer lane, were passing the center lane by a solid 15 or 20 mph. No, I'm not kidding, and I'm not exaggerating one bit. All this in bumper to bumper traffic.

    People can live on top of each other, like in NYC, Chicago, or LA, but it takes a special skill set to do it. I've done it, briefly, and decided that I'm happier off by myself in the company of like minded men.

    This is a monument to people, and it shows the inevitable results of people who won a popularity contest governing other people, all of whom are too stupid or apathetic to care that they are now a social lab experiment.

    Just wait until a real crises hits. I'm thinking biological warfare, which the enemy (ISIS) has yet to successfully manufacture.

  2. first time i went to nyc, lived in jamaica for a month. stomach has never recovered.
    never had they heard of courtesy, left turn lanes and signals. their traffic is terrible [and new jersey too, lived there a few years]-- because they have no sense.
    the rudeness was incredible.
    also wanted to go to grocery store, waited for husband'a cousin to get home. she said we have to rush, they close at 5.
    ??? that is just when people need to buy groceries, when they get off work.
    and they call themselves the big apple.
    they roll up the damn sidewalks at 5.
    or they did 43 years ago.
    swore i would never drive there again and never have. if it fell into the ocean tomorrow my only regret would be that the ocean creature s would be surrounded by the horrible filth. those 'people' poop on the sidewalks!! if desperate use the gutter for pity's sake.

  3. First, "they" build the huge freeway, to make it easy to commute. Then they tell you you're polluting the air, and raise the gas taxes to get you to drive a pussified hybrid. You use less gas, so they start talking about charging you by the mile to drive, after raising the gas taxes AGAIN. So you start riding a motorcycle. The cheap miles are offset by the fact that riding a motorcycle automatically makes you the target of blabbing, texting, "connected" Prius Pilots, hiding behind opaque window tint. That, and you're wet, hot, or whatever the weather has to offer. Meanwhile, "they" cruise down the "toll lane" (Lexus lane) in a Bentley... with a "Bernie!" bumper sticker...

  4. Actually, the majority of the province is like that. We call it 'Morontario' because most of them are so stupid - they think they're smart! As you would expect from queers, Marxists, and welfare slobs I guess.

  5. sounds like california. you can see why the people in the north want a state separate from the los angeles area.
    it's like pete f. said-what we do is wrong, but what they do is great. all the while they vote for bernie or the bitch.
    'they' enjoy sneering. it is their national sport. the rest of us are just so much garbage and a stench in their nostrils, which are always flared in disgust at our deplorableness.