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Saturday, 12 May 2018

From Uncle Bob's Liquor Cabinet

HFS!!! Lookit the size of those drinks! 
What is that? A triple...?

They musta made drinks a lot bigger back in Unca Bob's day! I dunno if he was ever a big drinker or not, but judging from his easy and hospitable disposition I can see him pouring drinks like that the spirit of good fellowship. And I can see swine like me and Jack vomiting proudly into the bushes after taking advantage of it too...! :)


  1. that's a sample bottle and those glasses are the size of thimbles.

  2. I think Deb's got it. Martini glasses from the bad old days are about one third the size you get today. The martini has evolved as well. In Europe, it was six to ten parts vermouth to one part gin. In the USA, it was two parts gin to one part vermouth. Now they use an eyedropper for the vermouth, unless the customer specifies a dry martini. Then no one even thinks about vermouth.

  3. Hmpffff. Deb is right about most things! :)

    I don't understand the Martini. They come in all kinds of varieties and I'm getting the impression they are a women's drink these days. As a scotch snob I almost never touched mixed drinks...

    1. Those concoctions are pseudo martinis. They're the inventions of bartenders who want to contribute something memorable to cocktail history as well as come up with an expensive medley of vodka and rare liqueurs that will be attractive to women and will sell during happy hour. As a result, we now have the chocolate martini, the apple martini, the pink cough syrup martini... the list is endless.

      Worse, we now have cocktail waitresses and actual bartenders who truly believe that a martini should be shaken. Every professional knows that you never shake a martini. Likewise, martinis are made with gin. A vodka martini is called a gimlet, or a vodka martini. Since it's vodka, it doesn't matter what you do with it - shake it all you like.

      The real reason for the martini was that the vermouth (Italy) was good, but it didn't do the job. Throwing a little gin into it gave it a kick. People used to make this by the pitcher, and keep them in the refrigerator. These days it's gin, and if it's a dry martini, you wave the shaker in the direction of Italy. You might actually rinse the glass in vermouth, but that's about it.

      I'm a martini drinker, but I'm particular about the brand of gin.