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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day

There's a lot of parodies of motherhood going on in this day and age.

Appreciating mothers is pretty hard to do for youngsters sometimes. Like all women, Mom can be a real bitch when she takes a notion to it. It is my conviction that women can personify the absolute worst that the human animal can be. But that goes the other way too: women can be, and are often the best of us too. It's easy to forget that in these days of vinegar drinking lesbians, cat ladies, feminists and the like. 

Seeing a real mother for what she is - is tough for kids today. For us old farts, they and their kids are beautiful and make us ornery old bastids smile. I've been caught doing it and I think it creeps them out: they probably think I'm an old pervert or pedo or something. And while I am not dead yet, and can still appreciate the female form... when I see a mother and her kids I remember how beautiful my wife was, and the mayhem and noise the kid brought into our lives.

Have a great Sunday and say hi to Mom for me.


  1. Real mothers are rare these days. Discipline is supposed to be a bad thing - how will the little darling ever develop? Everyone wins, because some little snowflake's psyche might be damaged otherwise.

    When I was growing up, I'd lose sometimes, or I wouldn't get a perfect test score, or whatever. Mom would just shrug as tell me to try a little harder next time. And, when Mom told you to sit still and behave, that was that. You didn't run around in stores, you didn't touch merchandise you had no intention of buying, and you didn't make a lot of noise. If you fell down, you got up, dusted yourself off, and kept on going.

    Real mothers know the truth about their children, and love them anyway.

  2. Both you fellas "get it" when it comes to REAL moms.

    Much of it mirrors my growing up.
    Well said all.