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Friday, 11 May 2018

I Yam So Ashamed.

The UN says we're treating our poor natives badly.

Hmmmmm. They get free food, free housing, free medical, free education, free dental, their taxes are a joke, they get preferential treatment at hiring time.

And in spite of all that, their reservations are shitholes filled with incest, arson, rape, drug and alcohol problems. Awhile back one of the wife's friends at church was prouder n' punch because she had made some inroads on some reservations and was going into the schools to teach kids about the bible and Christian values. We were all supposed to be proud and happy about it but I had deep "reservations" of my own. Those reservations are cesspits of savagery on occasion, and I can see that being a very bad place for a woman.

Awhile back they were all downcast - the female principal of one of the native schools kicked our would-be evangelist out on her ear. We were all supposed to be glum about it but as far as I'm concerned - I feel better. Those animals do bad things to women and it doesn't matter what colour they are. I am glad our gal is done with them, to be honest.

This is the point where I start shouting at clouds and barking about red skins but... the week end is upon us, and if the UN is unhappy about Canada... we gotta be doing something right! The natives don't treat themselves all that well either...


  1. told you about living in winnipeg 40+ years ago? all the drunk indians and the whoring unwashed female indians?
    no one forces anyone to ingest alcohol.
    got to do something for yourself. like don't drink what is bad for you, take care of your kids. take a bath.
    the government gives soap, housing, medical care and school. take advantage of it.
    wish i had some of those benefits.

  2. Yeah, yeah, cry me a river. I lived in Pierre, SD for a while, and when a co-worker suggested we go out to the rez on Friday night and do a little gambling, I told him to count me in. I happened to mention it to my local buddy at the gun shop, and here's what he told me,

    "Don't stay out there after dark. The Indians will shoot at you."


    "Yep. You takin' anything with you?"


    "I think I'd take something, if it was me. Those Indians will shoot at you."

    "My rifle?"

    "There you go, Jack. Need any bullets?"

    And no, he wasn't kidding. I got the same warning, unprompted, for three or four people at work. They all said the same thing.

    So we loaded up and went out to the rez, and let me tell you, that place was a DMZ. Burned out cars, busted up houses, satellite dishes all over. Housing for humanity came through a few years earlier and built some homes, and they were good enough that I would have been glad to have one, but these were either torn up or vacant or both.

    Nope, no sympathy from me.

    Shoot, the Indians up in Canada got it so easy that I'd like to claim I'm a dyed in the skin M├ętis - one part alligator, one part wolverine, two parts old forty rod. Gimme my money and stand back - I'm goin' out drinkin'.

    And once they find you in the gutter, they take to rehab, pump you full of drugs, get you all cleaned up, and then turn you loose with a Bible and a pocketful of Canadian dollars. Then you can just start all over again.

    Yep, Canada. Ain't nothin' like it.

  3. The smarter ones are walking away. They're getting jobs, they are acting like civilized men and working. There's not many- but a few have woken up.