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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

I'll Be Defending The Sheep Dogs

One side, TB - I've got this, if ya don't mind. You'll have to hold the line if... err....when they get past me.

It's a noble sentiment, isn't it? Unfortunately, for the last several decades, I've been noticing things about the flock that make me uneasy. I notice that more and more they see me more as a wolf than a member of the group. I'm white, I'm conservative, mildly Christian, and a gun owner. Over the last two decades my crimes have become steadily worse too: sexist, fascist, homophobe, racist, etc. I am starting to look at that flock of sheep quite differently now. Hell, they're looking at me funny as they call me these names and accuse me of this stuff.

When I see our best and brightest going to places like Iraq, Afbagistan and other pestilent moslem third world hell holes, and coming home or bringing their friends home in coffins ... only to be greeted by contemptuous sheep...ugh. It ain't right.

Even though I can't bring myself to prey on that flock, nor can I bring myself to defend it. Their treason and stupidity make them deserving of their fate. I will hang separately from such people, thank you very much - and urge you to do the same. I am not all that impressed with the flock anymore, and can see it benefitting from a cull.


  1. It is a fair point, Glen. Certainly my own "flock" has greatly decreased in size over the years, especially recently. And yes, while one cannot bring one's self to prey on them, neither does the thought of protecting those that will attack when the back is turned one that is motivating.

  2. if left to themselves they may self eradicate. hope springs eternal.
    in order to allow a cull country would have to be flooded with more moslems.
    then the sheep would be protected in the war to follow because evil cannot be tolerated i such large numbers.
    sheep will be protected as a by product, not because sheep are useful.
    they are downright dangerous.
    sheep are like taking babies bear hunting. all action taken to protect babies, bear mauls protector or gets away. not good. multiplies danger, lessens chance of success.

  3. Glen:
    ---You hit the 10-ring on this one.
    I also view myself as more a sheepdog than a member of "the flock".
    And yes, I too am disturbed by HOW the flock is looking at folks like us these days.
    In some perverse way, it's like the 'Nam, with our troops overseas and the hippies (here) protesting.
    ---Thing is, even if those morons got EVERYTHING they ever wanted...they'd STILL find some crap to bitch a fit about.
    ---I like Deborah's call on the self-eradication gig...we can but hope.

    Good post (and comments).

    Roll safe out there.

  4. I think everyone's flock is getting culled these days TB. Mine was decimated. Even if I were a 'sheep dog' - there are no sheep left to guard - just animated derelicts.
    Folks, I think we can all agree our place is out front - and that speaks well of us.