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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Meanwhile ... Back In America...

... back in an age when women didn't have hairy armpits, nose jewelry and sleazy tattoos:

Wonder Woman examines the remains of Dr. Filthie's fiendish kryptonite 
powered vacuum cleaner...

I think I actually rented that latest Wonder Woman one on Netflix during a boring, long winter night. The broad  on the new one can't even come close to the original. Back in the 70's we shut down the farm to perv out over watch wonder woman. We had REAL heroes in those days, not the PC ones that come in all the frooty colours of the rainbow today. Last I heard they had affirmative-actioned the comics so that all the super heroes were blacks and women and approved minorities.

They even invented a new negro one called the Black Panther who lives in a fictional city in Africa called 'Wakanda' - where all the blacks are actually smart and civilized. That had all the mean old farts like me roaring with laughter - The Z Man was the worst, with his rude jokes about The United States Of Wakanda, Wakanda On The Potomac, etc. HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I've also heard that for some inexplicable reason, comic book sales are diving now. Now is a really tough time to be a kid; and even tougher to be a dirty old man!  If I were a Superman, I'd grab Hillary, Obutthole, Turdo La Doo ... and fly all those assholes up to 50,000 feet at once - and drop 'em!


  1. "Wonder Woman examines the remains of Dr. Filthie's fiendish kryptonite
    powered vacuum cleaner" is the reason that I read blogs. Made of 100% USDA (un)Approved WIN.

  2. You watch your mouth or we'll make an action figure based on you!

  3. That is one hot wonder woman.