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Monday, 7 May 2018

Negotiating Yourself Outta Your Own Job


I've been on both sides of the union. I've worked for criminal assholes should not be allowed to employ people.  I've seen the other side of that coin, what with the unionized pooch screwers that should get canned in such a way that the door DOES hit them on the ass on the way out - but the union protects them and they abuse that protection for all they're worth.

Hopefully BOTH the parties in this case are being arseholes, and reaping the benefits.


  1. mushroom growers near here, operating on very small margin, were struck by their employees. offer rejected, cannot produce for more than the income and survive. had to close. employees cut off their noses to spite their faces. all the numbers were on the table and it was obvious that upgrades in benefits would be unsustainable. rejected offer anyway and, poof!, no jobs.

    1. True blue union slobs are zealots in my experience, Deb. My brother, who works for a large telecommunication company nearly lost his job because of them. Times were tough, and the management came back at the union with a deal - take a 5% pay cut, and they could keep all the employees. Of course the slobs rejected it, and all the younger guys got let go. My brother had just barely enough seniority to retain his job.
      Maybe he's the reason I hate union and gov't slobs so much. He's doing the Freedom 55 thing and retired early with a nice pension. Unfortunately that is not an option for my wife and I and maybe jealousy is rearing it's ugly head? :)