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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Reaffirming Our Youth: Feeding Your Inner Child

TB over at The Fourty Five is feeling stressed, old and beat, so I suggested we head on down to the skate board park and shred it with the kids in order to re-affirm our youthfulness and maybe blow some dust off our mouldering brains. 55 is the new 35 dontchya know.

If anyone finds my balls please be a sport and return them...

Turned out my balls ended up in my throat and had to be surgically repositioned. TB went on without me and decided to test his youthfulness at the ball diamond by playing playing a quick game a stick ball with the kids... and promptly got cut from the team.

The old saying is that getting old isn't for pussies. That's why I refuse to do it and intend to stay immature for the duration!

Have a good Hump Day, y'all.  ;)


  1. My skateboarding at my prime was never awkward. And yes, I never played baseball - so those videos look pretty much accurate.

  2. You are probably at the leading edge of the boarder movement TB. I think I was just a little in front of it. The boards we had were crap, and I remember - just as I was outgrowing them - the serious boards were coming out with high end precision bearings and wheels.
    I was never an athlete so that gif would probably sum up my youthful athletic prowess handily...

  3. I remember mine well Glen. The Banana Board, a bright yellow skinny little thing. Completely unsafe and probably not usable at all by today's standards. Most amazing thing we did with it was use it as a luge down a steep hill. No brakes, mind you.