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Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Maze Runner: Retard Edition

One a the things and educator learns quickly here at Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys N' Retards is that you can't make things too difficult - or the students lose interest due to their short attention spans. Keep the games, short and simple, and make sure ya give 'em a few hints to help 'em along. Me and Quartermain tied for first place on this one, completing it in 39 minutes. Any a you guys that think ya can do better are encouraged to take your best shot.

This one's going up on the class bulletin board with a gold star
and a happy face from Mrs. Chubster!


  1. 39 minutes. Right. Was that your third or forth try?

  2. SO, it REALLY took you 3 seconds...and the other 38 minutes and 57 seconds were best used grabbing a cold brew (or several), and a trip to BK for a whopper, right?

    Stay safe.