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Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Out House Philosopher

This chit house philosopher missed the mark by a country mile.

If that is all we are then we wouldn't have fear in the first place. Out in that void, unimaginable forces and masses collide and release energies that can destroy entire quadrants of stars and systems. The fact of the matter is that if you look at the odds and do the math, and look at the scientific evidence - we should not be here.

And yet here we are. I used to think we were just bags of meat animated by random electrical pulses too. But some seriously hard times forced me to realign the way I think; my values, my family and myself. It seems these journeys always begin with sorrow, anger and sadness. 

I found this gem whilst dumpster diving in the trash of the old Manosphere. Part of me says that this guy is on the edge of it. He'll adapt to his new world the way I did, he'll be a far better man for it - but, Dear Lord, the cost. There is a reason why we're here. We are more than just animated bags a meat.

Have a good Friday and a great long weekend.

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