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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Today's Hate Crime

This damned country makes me wanna spit sometimes. I'm a motorcyclist, and a good one. I ride very conservatively and try to stay off the busier and nuttier thoroughfares. I wear a helmet for the most part, but there are times when I could do without one, contrary to the safety Nazis and scolds.

But I can't because

A. Canadians have a nanny gov't


B. I don't have the right colour skin.

In Canada, only mud flaps, push starts, pull starts, and kick starts
can ride without helmets. 
It's an expression of religious freedom dontchya know, because a helmet won't 
fit over the diaper.
I don't know who's worse - the mud flaps, or the 
shitlibs that enable them.

I'm almost tempted to pull out a toilet roll and have one a the boys wrap my head up so I can pick a legal fight with the finks, faggots, and old women that infest our judiciary... but I suppose I have better things to do than fight stupid fights with stupid people. 

It's a damned good thing for everyone that I am so tolerant and politically correct.


  1. Q: What do medical personnel who work the ER call motorcycle riders who don't wear a helmet?

    A: Organ donors.

    The child on the motorcycle has no business being there, and this comes from someone who believes in free-range kids. The towel head should be arrested and persecuted for child endangerment.

  2. The reason to wear a helmet is not the law. It's the pavement. And the 87 year old in the Buick that is honestly going to tell the judge he never saw you.