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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Today's Hate Crimes

Offended by pinatas:

It's offensive because gabba gabba weebeejabba ook ook, eek eek.

I wonder how that works? If a bunch of coloured vibrant mutts gather together to howl at the moon and hang and burn George Bush in effigy, that's just hunky-dory because multiculturalism and free speech, dontchya know. But if the object of the neck-tie party is black or it even resembles a lynching - it's offensive as hell.

Jack is working my side of the street and trying to beat me at my own game with Elevatorgate. He may have just succeeded too! Why, I'm surprised that some oppressive patriarch full of gas and toxic masculinity didn't fart-rape the lot of them!

The rest of you can get back to work - but the Usual Suspects will not be released until they have repented and abased themselves to my satisfaction! Try and have a great Thursday, if you can. I know these crimes of hate are difficult and traumatic - but somehow we'll carry on!  :)


Here's ANOTHER hate crime, and of course it comes from us ignernt redneck hicks here in Alberta, as our moral and intellectual superior in Tranna points out. Some white trash woman had the gall to beak off at some brown fellas that didn't appear to take her all that seriously. Fortunately though, Shree Paradkar and our multicultural and politically correct overlords at the Tranna Star are there to set us all straight on what it is to be properly Canadian.

HAR HAR HAR!!! Thursday is off to a humorous start indeed!

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  1. The rest of you can get back to work - but the Usual Suspects will not be released until they have repented and abased themselves to my satisfaction!
    A bottle of Woodford Reserve is on its way to you by special messenger. Will that suffice?

    This is the product of a piƱata maker in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, who should know better. The Thunderbox point, however, is well taken.

    Kathy Griffin made a model of President Trump's decapitated head and called it art and freedom of speech. Even the moonbats said it was over the top.

    Then there was that silly SOB that hung President Trump in effigy in said SOB's front yard in Fort Wayne, IN. I've been to Ft. Wayne, and the place is a gravel pit. I hated it there, and left after two months. The cops did nothing about this, saying the SOB is protected by the First Amendment.

    Of course, when an unknown patriot hung the Ayatollah Obongo in effigy from a highway overpass in Missouri, the cops shut down I-70 entirely and then the dumbasses got a bomb squad to remove the insensitive, offensive, display.

    There were other, similar events in Indiana involving the Ayatollah Obongo in effigy. The local chapter of the NAACP hit the ceiling and demanded something be done, and something was. Eventually.

    What no one talks about is that many of the historic pictures you see of KKK rallies were not held in the deep South, like many people assume. These pix were taken in Indiana. Them Hoosiers is racially prejudice, let me tell you. Any that aren't swear they are every Sunday at church, then they repeat the pledge on meeting night.

    And so it goes. This latest thing in Minneapolis is stupidity in action. The rest of it is the Left attacking the current administration, and I'd like to see a few of them strung up by their thumbs and horsewhipped at high noon in the village square.