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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Today's Niggaphobia

I'm conflicted about using the N-word.  No, seriously.

On one hand, we see every day how our kids have been culturally indoctrinated and reprogrammed to believe bullchit like they're all special, they're all unique and wonderful, but they're all the same, that masculinity is toxic, and that racism is the worst crime imagineable. Recently the Z Man pointed out that if you had a racist or an anti-Semite move in on one side, and a crack head move in on the other - you'd likely have far more trouble with the crack head than the racist. There ARE worse things to be than a racist - especially by today's standards where EVERYTHING is racist and offensive. We adults have become cultured and conditioned by the social engineers too.

There's the hypocrisy of it too. I can make fun of the Irish, Scots, Krauts, Limeys, etc and as long as there's a good rude joke in it - everything is cool. But tell a similar joke about blacks or ethnics and people lose their bloody minds. Screw them - I'm going to try it and just see what happens. Maybe 'Niggaphobia' needs to become a sporadic feature of the blog.

Today we look at how the American Second Amendment is implemented by black African-Americans. Enjoy.

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  1. p.s. the only time i ever heard extensive use of the word 'nigger' was when i went to college and the afro american boys called each other 'nigger'. if i asked ,'do you know so and so?'. they would say, 'oh yes, he's my nigger.'.
    i was taken aback by this liberal use of a word we were taught not to say.
    that was 50 years ago, don't know what the younger generation says these days.