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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Tomorrow Belongs To You

When I was a kid or a younger man I knew it all. I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Ireland just legalized abortion.
Look at that ignorant child. You'd think she and the chubsters, soy boys and
freak shows in that crowd had just routed the 
Japanese at Iwo Jima or something.
They won the right to kill their children.

When I was a kid I knew it all and life was easy. The early stage fetus is a clump of cells; it can't reason, it can't even feel pain because the brains and nerves required for that have not developed. You can't murder something like that any more than you can murder a cancer tumor. A tumor can't have a soul, and neither can a fetus.

And how I loved to tell those adults and stuffy Christians what they could do with their opinions on the subject. 'I am an adult now, I have my own morals, my own opinions and I will make my own decisions - and if you don't like it you can get stuffed!' I must have looked much like that chick in the pic.

They were grand times - you could aggravate the chit out of your parents and hold your own opinion. You could act on them too and all they could do is sit and watch helplessly. HAR HAR HAR! Fuck 'em!!! I was either a tail end Boomer or leading edge Gen X and when I became a young adult, MY message was going to be heard.

And it was.

Parents and grandparents watched us with dismay and zipped their lips. We shouted our opinions on our new world  from the rooftops and all eyes were on us. But other eyes were watching us too. Small, silent, missing nothing. They watched us the way we watched our parents. And when they came of age, they had THEIR own opinions and they crammed them up our asses the same way this gal and her crowd are.

Nobody talks about Gen Z yet. The millennials are having the time of their lives. But those little kids are watching them with the same intensity they watched us, and with which we watched our own parents. What are they going to make of their elders? You millennials out there really want to be thinking hard about this. This 'tomorrow' is yours. What will happen when your kids have theirs?

The coming civil war will not be about rights.
It will be about morality.
Everyone's gonna get what they have coming too.

I seriously need to ask my Maker to maybe forgive me first.


  1. basic embryology- nervous system first to develop. they feel pain and are given no anaesthetic . arms and legs and head ripped off.
    you wouldn't do that to a puppy.
    a lot of people are going to hell.
    on the other hand, those in the picture may be better not to reproduce. their babies are better off in Jesus' arms than in the hands of people who hate them even before they are born.
    'God called me by name while i was yet in my mother's womb.'

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    1. This has been an unprofitable, commercial announcement.

  3. There's a lot of ugliness that comes along with the legalized abortion question. From a purely economic standpoint, in the case of a welfare queen I'd rather pay for an abortion than another unwanted baby. That sounds cold to some people, and I suppose it is, but the world isn't a nice place.

    Then there's pregnancy from rape cases. There's also incestuous rape, and the pregnancy of a minor (12 year old children in some cases), the hopelessly mentally ill, and the retarded. This is a long way from the cases that the abortion opponents are talking about, and I'm not buying their bit about God's will, either.

    Birth control is not as easily available as it should be. The same is true for the morning after pill. Making abortion illegal won't stop it, but if it's legal, it can at least be controlled.