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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ain't Mine...

My readers of the mentally retarded variety are urged to check
to see if they are missing theirs.

I haven't been fishing for 100 years. Years ago I bought a boat and had visions of fishing like it was when I was a kid: early mornings, glass smooth lake, plaid jacket with a pipe and tobacco in the pocket and maybe a thermos full of coffee. 

When I got the boat - forget it. The lakes were full of the big inboard power boats towing water skiers, and the smaller sea-doos going every which way at full speed. Half the time the boats were full of kids and drunks. At the boat launch it was all out road rage as the boaters tried to butt in front of each other to get on or off the water. 

I sold the boat a year back and haven't missed it one bit. Not surprised that they are dredging up dildos from our lakes either to be honest. 100 years ago taking the kids to the lake was something that was fun, healthy and wholesome. But nowadays the lakes are ringed by yuppies with their lake front properties. Their feral kids have all the drugs and booze they need to ruin their own lives and that of their friends - and to me it's just not the place to be anymore. I like boondock camping, away from people and their self induced problems.


  1. I owned a boat when I was a teenager. The years I had that thing were the best of my life. I wanted my kids to have the same fun I Did. We were stationed in Miami; perfect; right? WRONG!!! between the actual threats of fighting and/or gunfire at the launch ramps, and the kamikaze jetskiers, boating and fishing were about as fun as having a root canal done. I sold the boat, and have never looked back... It's a different world, Glen...

  2. I went through that boat launch crap, and it's worse than you remember it. Out at Rice Lake, WI for a vacation. We're ready to launch. We launch, and get out of everyone's way. About 50 feet behind us is a pontoon boat - a real Cadillac. There's a young couple in their 20s talking to an older man, who is giving basic instruction on how to run the boat. They're watching him like a dog watching television. What do you really think is going to happen when they shove off?

    Launching in Florida? Forget it. For some real fun, try anchoring out in the Maumee River outside Toledo to watch the downtown fireworks. The boat show is more fun than the fireworks. When the audience started taking bets on who would sink who, I'd had enough.

    For even more fun, try the St. John's river in Jacksonville, when the local Yacht Club is holding a sailboat race across the St. John's during Saturday rush hour. Think: A dozen or more 30 foot sailboats truly believe they have the right of way over every single powerboat on the water - and this is sailing across the river. Where do you think that one is going to end?

    Yep, back in the '60s and before, it was fun. Fish, canoe, whatever. Now? Fiberglass cigarettes with over 1,000 horsepower, and that's with outboards.

  3. it all boils down to the incredible rudeness and me first behavior that has become common.

  4. I stopped enjoying boating, when packing a firearm became mandatory. I can get that type of pleasure by being stuck in traffic.

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