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Friday, 22 June 2018

Good Luck With That Fellas

Right again.

I knew they were going to do that. Having come from a family of cucks and progs, I know how these people think. They live inside their own heads with the blinders on, and when the reality they refuse to see bites them on the arse - it's always a shock, and it's always somebody else's fault. One of the things those people hate the most about the rest of us is that we can see that stuff coming when they can't. I can tell what these idiots are gonna do and the fallout that will come of it despite the fact that I haven't watched a sitcom in years.

My prediction is that their new edgy show that will set the world on fire will open with spectacular success, and the hive will rejoice in that success and toot their own horns about it for a time. Then the ratings will start to slump because The Hive will be bored having their dogma parroted back to them, and people with a triple digit IQ tune out. Couple seasons, max, and the thing will get canned. Stuff like this may even have a net positive effect in that people will turn off that idiot box, get off the couch and go do something useful. The producers don't get that the audience for that show is made up of working class slobs that have paid the costs of diversity, political correctness and suffered the consequences. The fans are often like Rosanne herself - heretics that dared to notice the obvious or call a spade a spade. They care more about paying the bills and trying to get ahead in life. They know who is going to have to pay for those illegal beaners and human trash flooding across the borders with no skills or education, cratering the health and welfare programs as they come, they know why the globalist elite is facilitating that, and they are getting heartily sick of it too. The people pushing Rosanne under the bus are the same liberal ignoratti that were stunned into silence and tears when America rejected Hillary. But they will attribute their failures to racists, homophobes, and other deplorable demons of their faith.

Now if I were a Hollyweird Joo film magnate - I would cash in on this. I would hire Rosanne, and set her up opposite her old show and her ex-employers - with a new show of her own. It would be a sitcom aimed squarely between the eyes of the social justice warriors. It would offend the shit out of queers, moslems, Marxists, and other leftist vipers the way the Monty Python crowd offended Christians with The Life Of Brian. I would push freedom of speech right down to the wire with it and make sure the leftists sucked on that the same way the Christians were forced to, too.

One thing's fer sher: the assholes behind the cameras are almost as entertaining as the assholes in front of it! HAR HAR HAR!

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  1. This is gonna fly about as well as giving Enos his own TV show after the Dukes of Hazzard. Remember that winner?