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Saturday, 23 June 2018


Well she's been a busy day. I loaded up some vintage blackpowder ammunition for the retirement rifles this morning - and then set about prepping for the long weekend coming up. I think it's Pakistan Canukistan Canada Day or something next weekend. The vibrants all drive around with the maple leaf flying on their cars and the rest of us go camping!

I went down to the liquor store and was just disgusted with the scotch section. Oh, there's tons a scotch and different varieties - but they're all 'special bottlings' now in fancy bottles. The problem now is that because all of 'em are special - none of 'em are! Does that make sense? Even the crappiest scotch on earth - Famous Grouse - had a phony special offering called 'Black Grouse'. I bought a 48 of Bud and called it good. Last year at this time I bought a box of 30 and I am just finishing it off now. Dunno why I felt the need to buy the 48er but I did.

Next stop - the cigar shop! I've been waiting for this all year! I quit smoking 9 years ago. But once a year I indulge my love for tobacco. I could start again but steadfastly refuse to let it become a habit. Last year I smoked some stogies. I did feel the twinges of the old tobacco cravings but it was easy to subdue them. I am going to smoke this year too. Smoking is something very, very special and dear to me now - not the costly, mindless habit of an addict.

I bought two big gaggers, one for Flapz and one for me - and then a bunch in a tin. I want the tin because once I smoke all the cigars in it, I will use the tin to store cleaning patches for the retirement rifles.

She's gonna be a good weekend; preparations continue apace. Hope y'all have something fun lined up.

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  1. Glen, cigars are a once a year thing for me too. I have found I prefer small ones, vanilla flavored. That way I can finish it before I get sick of it.