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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Resting Up For CW's Friday Open Road

A hundred years ago I was camping with the wife - we slept in the back of the truck and Macey in her crate nearby. It was late fall and chilly as hell. Back then our blood ran thick and hot with youth and I didn't notice it - until I woke up at 2:00am having to take a dump of biblical proportions.

After I did my business I came back to the truck and Macey was in my fart sack, snuggled up to Mom. She was shivering like a leaf, mostly out of fright, I think. It was her first trip out and it must have been scarey out in that crate. I pulled a cover over her, closed the tailgate and canopy on them - and went and stoked up the campfire and parked it to listen to the night and watch the sun rise. I leaned my rifle up against a tree for theatrical purposes and smiled at my private foolishness. The nearest bear would be at least 200 miles away and contrary to the horror stories, they tend to stay away from humans for the most part. But there in the dark, one could almost imagine being far away in the back country with just the stars and fire for company.

Have yourself a great Thursday and get your rest. Tomorrow that open road will beckon.

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