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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Seeing A Lot Of Stuff Like This

Gonna probably see more of it too.
Sooner rather than later.

That is one angry little lady. In better times, when we were better people, I would say something like 'she's too young and pretty to be angry and bitter like that'. But the culture war is what it is; it's everywhere, it's in our nation, it's in our communities,  it's in our families. When it comes among us it breaks us up. Coming from a family of  progressive liberals and soft conservatives cucks as I do - I find I have no place among their tolerant, enlightened ranks anymore. I have the wrong opinions, I hold the wrong values, I am not of the hive. If I hadn't left, they probably would have unpersoned me and driven me into the void - they way they do to all that disagree with them.

For a long time l sounded like that lady in the vid. She sounds like that because she hasn't come to terms with or cut her losses. They still hurt, and if she's not careful she can make those wounds worse by licking at them too much the way dogs will.

Light years ago, the summer long weekend meant sunshine, beer, BBQ, horseshoes, picnic tables and rude jokes. Maybe warm rain. But a certain selfish, manipulative young lesbian decided that the family had things to fight about, we all agreed and that was that for that. POOF! Three generations of family - gone like it was never there. My wounds from the culture war have closed over and begun to heal; I miss those times but not the people. They aren't the same folk anymore. You can never go home.

If you are a new victim of the culture war long  formerly family weekends can be tough. There are no words that can ease the hurt or make things right - all you can do is find a tribe. For my wife, she joined the local church and they love her and I the way they love their own kids. It's like having parents and grandparents again - that aren't assholes. There's tons a kids around to harass and tease too. It might not be your answer but it works for us.

Today I am going flying, then we'll pack up the camper and head out after church tomorrow. I will probably catch some chit for falling behind on my bible reading but I have time. I am going to go for a burn on Big Red too. The wife said she might relent - she has this stupid rule about me and fireworks and explosives (can't imagine why) - and she said she might buy me a sparkler today! Woohoo!!!! Keep your hands and head busy, and keep your spirits up!

Have a great long weekend too. You deserve it.


  1. Glen, the fracturing will continue apace. We are drawing apart into our own like minded groups - sad because, as you say, generations of family relationships are torched rather quickly and there is never really any going back at that point. I think we are still in the tender stage where people do not expect it to happen, or are not ready for it - at least those on the conservative side, who (on the whole) seem more concerned about maintaining the relationships. I expect that will change - I am seeing it change - as they wake up to the way the world works now. You can now see the result in how people react when their previous attempts and making people feel bad and guilt trips now longer work.

    The future is here. Sadly, I suspect many that had a vision of what they thought it would be will be quite disappointed.

    1. I used to think that way. If I was just patient, if I could just form a sensible argument and have an adult discussion - that they would see at least a little merit in my side of things and maybe we could get along. But it never worked, they would shut me down first with the guilt trips, and if that didn't work, then with the shaming and name calling.

      After years of listening to them and dealing with them I think that they are so consumed with their own self righteousness, and the need to signal their virtue to the herd... that they do these things without really thinking about them. Forcing them to think about them hurts, and they respond with anger and rage. There is no middle ground. Either you accept them as your moral and intellectual superiors and submit or you get exiled. They seriously wonder why their families fell apart and they blame everyone except themselves too.

    2. Sadly Glen, I think you are correct. The only thing I see that makes me hopeful any more is that the other side is getting "woke" (to quote the currently colloquial term). And as I indicated, I do not think they will enjoy the awakening.

  2. the thing is that you cannot have a rational discussion with the ignorant and the irrational.
    it is like explaining engineering to a parakeet.
    you waste your breath, making you appear to be irrational, and the parakeet gets nothing from the lecture--because it cannot. it doesn't have the brain for it.
    don't waste your breath. consider the source and walk away.
    remember saint peter only faltered in the waves when he took his eyes away from Jesus and looked at the waves.
    the irrational people are like the waves.
    they are red herrings across your path.
    avoid their distractions and keep your eyes on Him.
    He is the only one who can straighten us all out.

    1. Deborah, one of the most cogent arguments our pastor puts forward is that without Christianity, Human Rights do not exist. Watch the meltdown when you try to explain that.