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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Snitty Sunday

I have to admit I am in a bit of a snit today - yesterday we went shooting with King Peter and Mary and I stunk the range out with my poor marksmanship. The girls did great though. My wife went 3 out of 5 on the 6"  150m gong, offhand. That is some respectable shooting. Mary would have done the same but pooped the bed on her last shot. I knew better than to even try -  yesterday was not my day. 

Then a violent domestic dispute broke out between Mary and Pete - Pete wants an AR now too and Mary has this idiotic notion that they have better things to spend their money on. "Like what?" I asked - and I got the biggest stink-eye of my life! Pete was on his own, I'm afraid.

I gotta admit I still had fun there though. Watching the wife snuggle up to that rifle, take her time, and squeeze of a relaxed shot - there was something satisfying about that. As for me, I just sprayed my targets and some hit, some didn't. I've been wrapped up with my cap and ball pistol and haven't been keeping up with the big guns.

I need more time on the range.


  1. Some days you just can't get into the moment.
    But no matter what, you were at the range.
    New AR shooter?
    I always answered the question, "Which AR should I buy?" with the word, "yes."
    Have fun.

  2. Wife who likes to shoot and CAN shoot: BLESSING!!!!