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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Today Is Global Refugee Day!

It's a day to celebrate the mudflaps, push starts/pull starts/kickstarts, nine irons and bucket heads that flood into our countries to fill menial jobs! Be careful not to notice the ones that go on welfare, cause crime, and vote liberal.

Years ago I saw it described best on the wall of a roadside outhouse:

The third world is what  it is
because of the people that live there.
Now they're coming here.

Something stupid this way comes. And we're bringing it on ourselves.


  1. real refugees are in real need.
    most of the newfangled invaders are jihadis or gang members.
    like the mariel boat lift where castro emptied the prisons onto our shores.
    read where a moslem invader said he didn't have to work, because he would not serve dhimmis.
    but, as a self proclaimed parasite, he lives off the fat of the land provided by us, whom he sees as being his slaves [ibeed].

  2. There are no real refugees anymore. Refugees headed to the US are vetted, and it takes two or three years and it isn't working. Real refugees are people who have had their homeland completely destroyed, either by natural disaster or war, and they have no home at all. The only belongings they have are carried with them. We had Italian refugees in WWII, fleeing Mussolini and the Nazi party.

    These SOBs aren't running away from anything. They ruined their own country, and we're giving away free money in the US. So naturally they come here.

    But I hear that Canada is committed (yeah, they're committed alright), committed I say, to helping these poor, suffering, you-name-it-stan refugees. Three cheers for Canada! Home of the welfare case, the parasite, and the beer drinking - whatever.