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Monday, 18 June 2018

Turdo La Doo

The liberal rag sheets up here are all in a flather about 'how Trump is bullying' our fwench faggot of a prime minister. Turdo is strutting around proclaiming how 'Canada won't be pushed around' and our cuck conservatives are lining up behind him to sing the same tune. We are being told to 'buy Canadian to stick it to Trump' and the guy on the street just rolls his eyes.

As an Albertan I have more in common with Americans than I do with those liberal fart suckers out east. Those a-holes consistently elect corrupt and incompetent politicians. They are so damned stupid they will sell their votes to politicians who will pay them off with their own money.

I think Turdo has realized that most of the world and his own countrymen think (correctly) that he is a pussy - so he's trying to flex a little muscle to impress his fellow stupid kids. It's not working of course, and liberals are getting turfed up here in election after election. The only problem is though, we have no real conservatives to oppose them. Most of our conservative politicos are cucks and punching bags for the leftist mass media. I suppose anything's better than Turdo but the alternatives aren't that great either.


  1. think it was a 'meme' on gorges grouse where i saw a small chart of tariffs.
    we were not charging canada any or a few percent but canada apparently charges huge tariffs on our stuff.

  2. also possibly at GG's a meme of your pm saying canada 'does not need american farmers, we have grocery stores.'.
    was that a joke? hard to tell.

  3. Justin Trudeau is appealing to his power base. We are talking the big city liberals: homosexuals, militant atheists, elderly hippies, cat ladies, homely feminists, etc. Most of them are virulently anti-American and rabid anti-Trump types. Even some of them though, are starting to question their liberal dream boat. Canada has been getting a free ride for a long, long time. America didn't notice because back in the day, Canada used to be very much on Uncle Sam's side and would stand shoulder to shoulder with him on the important issues. I still remember with pride, how Canadian diplomats smuggled American citizens out of Iran during the hostage crisis, and then flipped Ayattolah Khomeini the finger once they got them home. Today, there are more goddamn sand rats in Tranna than there are in Iran, and more are coming all the time. Our politics are changing as a result.
    2/3 of this country hates Justin Turdo with a passion. I am one of them and hope that Trump puts the boots to him. I am beginning to wonder if Canada shouldn't be broken up. As a westerner I hate those idiots out east with a passion and seriously think they need their own country with their own leaders. America has done more for Alberta than eastern Canada ever has.