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Friday, 8 June 2018

We Need To Talk About Our Nipples, Men...

Shut up, Jack! Somebody SHUT HIM UP!!! Good work Quartermain! You got the muzzle on him just in time!

Of course he was about to make a rude joke about my man-boobs! And obviously I'd be obligated to respond to that with violence! I have skills and it wouldn't have been pretty!!! Now gather round boys - and let us examine our nipples. And stop that damned sniggering you gibbons!

It seems I've been struck by gun gremlins. My formerly trusty crap cap n' ball pistol has been misfiring like an SOB lately. The boys at the cast boolit forum have been brought in to assist with the problem. I was using CCI #10 caps for years with nary a problem. I would not expect any, I have been reloading with their primers for decades too. But the boys say that the dimensions of the CCI caps have changed - and I got a thousand of those suckers in my stores downstairs. I went and tried a couple hundred of the Remington #11's and that helped a bit - but I am still getting the odd misfire and it's pi$$ing me off. That thing used to run like a Swiss watch.

The boys tell me that aftermarket nipples may cure the problem but I am not hopeful. The first thing the savvy black powder geek does when he buys one of these is replace the chitty factory nipples with high end bronze or stainless alloy ones - which I did 6 or 7 years ago when I bought it. Perhaps years of firing have flattened the nipples? I doubt it - but ya never know. Because if this doesn't rectumfy the problem... I am looking at a new hammer spring. And getting spare parts out of these wops... and then across the border go gun-O-phobic Canada - is like pulling teeth!

I ordered in some new nipples from the turkeys at 
Track Of The Wolf.
Those boys know their stuff and are a pleasure to deal with.

The second thing ya need when ya buy these guns is a modest tool kit - with a nipple wrench. I swapped out all six but kept them as spares. I personally don't think this is the problem but it's a good idea to conclusively eliminate it as a cause. I think the nipples were only a couple bucks apiece so I swapped 'em all out and have a few new spares as well.

The holes on the new nipples seem a little larger - 
if that means anything...

Hopefully this simple fix will work. If not... Wish me luck, tomorrow I'll do only enough chores to keep me from being shot - and then I am off to the range to resolve this very important business. 

However - I DID get ripped off on this. Sorta... It's a pewter Ted Cash
capper that supposedly fits the 1860 revolvers.

It does not. Still, it'll work just fine on my Spaghetti Plains Rifle so I'm happy. But for the pistol I am stuck with my in-line capper that doesn't hold many caps. I have to put in another order with Track anyways and maybe they have a bigger in-line capper than the one I have.

So that's it for now boys. If your nipples have passed muster - stoke those stinkers and be ready for anything. Ya never know if there might be some uppity niggras, confederates or Indians skulking about! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!

There won't be any straight shooting round here, I'm afraid - so I'll leave it to you younger fellas with steadier nerves and sharper eyes to redeem the soiled reputations of your gun club stubfart elders! Have a great Saturday and shoot straight!


  1. Nipples become useless as they get older.

  2. You might look at replacing the hammer spring if that is possible; even sitting partially loaded, the do lose force after a few years.

  3. Mmf! eeemmmff nnmmmf aaaaaaaaammmmmmmfffff!!!