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Friday, 31 August 2018

Is It Possible To Polish A Turd?

Up in my neck of the woods, good war surplus rifles are getting downright pricey. The good ones like the Enfields will run ya easily around $1000.00 Canukistani. Minty Springfields and Garands are pushing close to $2000.00.

The Chicom/Russki stuff is all dirt cheap and is held in contempt by most local marksmen, and left to the kids and bubbas that can't afford real guns. Most are inferior quality, built to go 'BANG' every time and that's about it.

Then I saw this. I am thinking somebody may have just found a way to make the Mosin Nagant useful.

Public Information Bulletin

When we were kids the world was our washroom. We shat in gardens, behind the garage, in the playhouse, the tree house and even out in the woods with the bears. Speed and stealth were mandatory - wiping was not. Our mothers that did the laundry were often sad, unhappy women.

One day Pat got a little too fast and a little too stealthy - and his mom had a nervous break down when she went to load the washing machine. She saw Pat's Dry Heave Ho, plucked them out of the basket, and marched into Pat's bedroom - and with the courage and fortitude of a combat veteran Marine - stuck them to the wall to make a point.

When our gang came in and went downstairs to play in the basement, we filed into Pat's bedroom to pick out our toys. We saw this work of post modern sculpture on the wall - and we were in awe. I recovered first.

"Mr. O! Mr. O!!!! Ya gotta come lookit this!!!!" The poor man hustled into the room expecting a fire or a murder scene - and was not disappointed. "There was so much shit in Pat's shorts - that they stuck to the wall!!!" I shouted. Mr. O paused and nodded thoughtfully... "Impressive." was all he said.

Out in the hall, Mrs. O shrieked and wept.

Metal Gods

Rejected From The Friday Open Road File

Well I don't see anything inappropriate about it.
That one'd be right up the alley of a certain Knuckle Dragger I know...

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Today's Hate Crime: Porking

It t'weren't me. That's all I gotta say about it.

HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! But you'd certainly be correct to suspect it. I just love GAB. The jokes are as rude there as they were in the firehall or at the stockyards back in the 1970's and there is no pandering to the snivelling proggie sense of 'civility'. One guy was on there gloating awhile back about how the restaurant owners had pics of Trump in the urinals - so he pished on the floor instead! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Have you porked a moslem today?

(Don't ask that question of Quartermain because to him, 'porking' means something else entirely and the less said about that the better! HAR HAR HAR!)

Have a good Friday and thanks again for stopping by!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Kinda Like Mad Jack With A Shot Glass...

But the garbage truck has more style and finesse.

Today's Rule 5 Violation: The Duelling Tree

Turn In Your Guns Everyone

This is just so much the usual liberal BS about controlling crime. Turdo's real problem is that his ethnic and diverse vibrants in Tranna are doing in Canada what they did in their home countries - killing each other. By now it's common knowledge that blacks commit the vast majority of violent crime, usually against other black criminals. He's also trying to appear as if he isn't soft on crime - and for the idiots that voted for him, wholesome and healthy shooting sports ARE a crime.

Gawd, I hate these people. There are times when the tenets of my new found faith try me right to my limits. I would hope like hell that even liberal lefties were smart enough to see that going after gun club duffers and hunters like me in Alberta will have no affect on their crime in Morontario or Queerbec… but this is not about crime or prevention or safety. It's about power, and an armed population doesn't have to take shit off a minority feral gov't.

This is why you don't register your guns folks. I can't say anything more than that in the clear. Wish me luck in the days ahead.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Oilpatch Material

100 years ago I worked as a well operator out in the Saskratchmebum heavy oilfields and I literally saw stuff like this every friggin day. One day we almost had a blow out because some dunce had to see if the well would blow out if he opened a malfunctioning case gas valve. I lost my eyebrows shutting it, while he ran away gobbling in fright. I quit shortly after, the money was great but the people I worked with were literally the dregs of the gene pool.

3 months later 3 of them got killed in a battery. There were signs all over the place saying "DANGER: H2S". Seriously, if you don't do your job properly in this place, it will literally kill you and there were signs everywhere attesting to it. I had been in that building many times myself.

One day one retard and 2 operators cracked some plumbing to unstop a pipe, flooded the room with 15% H2S and they were all dead before the alarms sounded. The one idiot seriously deserved to be removed from the gene pool but the other two were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The stupidity was so bad that even our company safety Nazis were flummoxed. There was literally nothing they could do to mitigate the risk. It was literally "Don't crack this plumbing or you will be killed by H2S gas. If you open the valves/pipes, the H2S gas will kill you. H2S gas is in the piping and valving and it will kill you if the proper precautions are not taken..." There was no way that even a retard could be in there and NOT know that H2S was a hazard. Even a friggin Newfie would get the message.

I sometimes find myself thanking my Maker I no longer work in the patch.

The Liberal Party Of Canada Campaign Wagon

I dunno if it works the same way for you Yanks or not. But here in Canada, the classical style of liberal governance would be for the libs to tax the hell out of the deplorables and ignernt red neck hicks out west - and take that money and turn it into pork for the loyal faggots, fwenchmen, and f-tards at home in Morontario and Queerbec that voted for them.

Our election is in 2019 and I am praying for a Canadian version of Donald Trump - somebody willing to stand up, tell those a-holes where to go and how to get there - and run a gov't that actually represents the people that live outside the liberal power bases. Unfortunately it appears we only have a cuck to run against the Turdo Machine in 2019... but who knows. Politically speaking that's a long way away. But we are in much the same boat you Yanks were back in the day when your liberals and cucks were in cahoots and there was no real difference between the parties. I can see Canada being an economic lost cause for at least the next ten years easy.

Monday, 27 August 2018

My Cats Would NEVER Do That

I think everyone has a cat like that. Ours was named Smokey Joe and he was the happiest little bugger you would ever meet. He picked fights with the men, and those that obliged him found they would have been better off sticking their hands into a Moulinex or garburator. He snuggled up to the women and showered them with love and affection. He loved my daughter the most - she was the one that picked him out and brought him home.

Anyhow - you'd never catch him napping in a sink, for he knew full well some hairless monkey would come by and turn the taps on for a rude joke. He was all in for rude jokes too. I still get mad thinking about that time I was fishing my empties out of the brass tumbler and came up with a handful of cat chit. That's right, the demented SOB must have pooped in the vibratory brass tumbler and he could have only done it on purpose. The only other time he got down and dirty was when he pooped in a gun case I'd left open. I deserved it of course, I used to torture him by putting socks over his head, or a piece of tape on his foot - and laugh like a loon as he flipped out!

I don't care what anyone says. I love dogs but I love cats too.

Just Feather The Throttles A Bit..

Little Ones

What happens to them? Where do they go?

We didn't take many pictures when we were young. I found an old photo album buried on my bookshelf and found a similar pic with me and my daughter on it. I must have been about 21 or 22 and my daughter was only a toddler.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Weird Day On The Range; A Sunday Ramble

I've handloaded the vast majority of the ammunition I use all my life. I used to shoot military calibres because getting brass was a simple matter of just going to the range pail and garbage picking the empties I need - and then take them home, sort 'em and load 'em up again. That doesn't happen anymore; everyone has to be a reloader in these tough times and we have a lot of old farts at our club that are on limited means. If a piece of brass hits the ground they are on it like magpies on road kill. The only thing I find in the pail these days are that steel chicom surplus crap or .22 rimfire. I don't care much, really, when times were good I picked those pails and stored up a supply of brass at home in 3 gal. pails of my own. And sometimes I luck out and beat the old boys to a pile here and there. I only take what I need and leave the rest in the pail for them.

But... this is why I reload.

That's 1.2 MOA - my practice ammo: mixed brass,
autodump powder charges, mostly the same primers. I can
load better ammo and squeeze in ever so close to 1 M.O.A. …
but I am too lazy to do the work at the bench.
I can live with this, that group will fit very nicely into the cranium
of some coyote or failed liberal social experiment.

So then I pull out some Nosler factory Match ammo - and sprayed it all over hell's half acre! I am personally getting pissed as hell at Nosler these days. Their quality has gone to shit, they come out with these proprietary cartridges that burn barrels, eat brass and shoot like hell - and they charge top dollar for it! Screw them!

The five right most shots are Nosler 77gr. Match ammo.
The upper left  five are some cheap Federal XM855's

Maybe you are having good luck with Nosler stuff, but for me, I am one bad range day away from throwing those guys overboard for good. And I say that as a former hard core fan and customer.

In other news I have developed the best brass catcher for self-shucking firearms known to man:

Loop your ball hat over the scope and move it back so it covers the ejection port.
It'll either catch the brass or dump it conveniently at your feet!
I do this all the time now.
Full disclosure - I didn't invent this. That honour
goes to Some Dude on OyTube.

The odd brass will occasionally stovepipe the action and get buggered - but for the most part your empties won't get away anymore.

But these weapons are all kid stuff compared to the ones being deployed in the ever escalating culture war. Yannow what the worst weapon is? It literally trumps guns 'n ammo hands down. A woman's tears. I'm not kidding either. Just a couple weeks ago some cunned stunt was on one of the major networks weeping about how America's eeeeeeeeevil president was putting beaner children in cages and separating them from their illegal immigrant parents. (But that was last week so most libtards have probaby already forgotten it).

I can't handle Black Pilled for too long - it is too dark and dreary for me,
but here is another case of a crying lunatic 
making everyone else act like one too.

Some seriously shitty women have weaponized their tears against us to feed their egos and need for attention. Or maybe as a side effect of some mental illness. So many men will lose all perspective at the sight of tears and I just don't understand that either. These same women won't bat an eye when they and their kids are murdered and raped by illegal migrants. My ol' buddy Jim would say that when stuff like this is going on - women need to be slapped. Bitch slapped. I totally agree too - but only for extreme cases like this where the woman is clearly not in control of herself. More than a few men could use some of that too.

So I heard McCain passed away. Guys like him could be wrapped around the finger of a tearful woman.  There were a lot of men like McCain in my family. The kids these days call them 'cucks'. They were the kind of men that pretended to civilized conservative values, but didn't, really. They took unreasonable amounts of chit off their lunatic women, went along with stupid cultural trends knowing full well they were stupid and harmful - but didn't care because they didn't personally have to worry about the social consequences of it. Oh sure, they'd put up a fight initially, but the tearful women and the cool kids always got the best of them and they'd roll over and let them win. That's basically the kind of man McCain was.

I have heard a lot of dirt about McCommie, I saw him speak a couple times and disagreed with him on pretty much everything. Like many of the men in my family, McCain had a lot of opportunities to prove he was a better man - and he blew every single one of them. He took the easy way out, he backed down when he should have fought, and when he lost he blamed it on others. I won't piss on his grave or dance on his coffin except to note that his dying was probably pretty hard - and he deserved it. I hope my Maker has found more good in him than I have.

Which reminds me - I had better get moving and head off to church. I think the times are coming that will test us all the same way they tested McCain - may we all have the strength and character to do a better job than he did.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Retard School Shooting

Good morning everyone ~ blogging is gonna be light today. Ya see - we got a problem with a sniper here at The Institute. Quartermain, Sunny and Pete are pinned down in the hen house, Jack and I are holed up here in the out house - fortunately it is a two holer and stocked with reading material - and the various other retards are taking cover wherever possible and minding their P's and Q's! Jack managed to snap a pic of the perp with his cell before the nuttery started:

Don't worry about us though! CW over at The Daily Time Waster has been called in to negotiate with the shooter - he is a pervert for has a thing for red heads and freckles. I'm sure he can talk some sense into the lass. In the meantime, we get to enjoy the view of a beautiful gal, a beautiful rifle - and shirk the chores we should all be doing on Saturday morning!

Hmmmmm. The weapon is a Sharps, probably chambered in .40-77 Borschardt or something like that... and the scope? A Leatherwood 6X? With long range capabilities like that - maybe you should stay in bed a little longer too and just take it easy while CW defuses the situation here. It's a matter of public safety, dontchya know!

Have a great Saturday and as always - thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 24 August 2018

Filthie's Wild Animal Kingdom: The Arctic Polar Bear

The polar bear is the largest of the northern arctic predators and typically weighs between 800 ~1500 lbs.

The northern polar bear feeds on garbage, berries, tourists and pretty much everything else that will ft down its gullet. The animals are fiercely territorial as can be seen in this picture here.

Their personal hygiene habits are the best of all the bears, and it has been seen wiping its arse on convenient rabbits, foxes, and other soft fur bearing mammals. In times of hardship when such animals are not abundant - but rather scarce... the polar bear will make do with whatever else is available.

Polar bears do not typically shit in the woods.

Hotel Porn

I swear - I don't care if I ever stay in another bloody motel or hotel again. Travelling ruined that for me a long, long time ago. I've seen guys get ground down by life on the road and thankfully got out of it before it happened to me.

Still, if I had to travel for fun... a couple of nights in a place like that might be a good deal for the wife and our collective mental health.

To Absent Friends

I was about 5 or 6 when my Grandmother had her first stroke. A year and a bit later she was gone. She was much like the person I want to be: the one that lives simply, humbly and free. In her final days TV was in its golden age. It was for the most part clean, new, and engaging. Grandma watched the Beverly Hillbillys, the soaps, the day time ladies shows and loved them all. But when Stampede Wrestling came on - legend has it that she'd lose her mud. She'd rage at the guys that would cheat, she'd almost throw things when the deliberately clueless referees missed the villainy - and at the time I didn't blame her one bit because us kids lost our mud during Stampede Wrestling too. After her first stroke family lore has it that she was banned from watching Stampede because she just got too riled up about it.

That's Ed Whalen with the mic. That rad bastid in the 
army helmet is JR Foley.
He may have looked like a fat, dumpy old man
but he often beat the pooh out of wrestlers twice his size. He
even beat up Ed once or twice.

I still think of the Old Ones once in awhile - and miss them.

Retard Sex Education: Sick N' Tired A The Hole Business

Oh hi everyone!

Well, I was gonna have a sex ed class for the l'il retards here at Uncle Bobs Institute For Wayward Boys and had everything set up and ready to rip! We had condoms, the inflateable life partners pumped up, and some educational reading material from Uncle Bob's endless porn stash.

And as usual, Quartermain has to pipe up and ruin everything! "Mr. Filthie! Mr. Filthie!!!" he screams, "Ya can't call it a 'vagina' anymore!!! It says so right here on the internet!!!!"

So I amble over to see what the little gimp is on about and sure enough, somebody decided that the term 'vagina' is offensive to sexually disturbed queers and trannies that may not have the right plumbing equipment to be female. Instead we are now supposed to call it the 'front hole' so as not to offend sensitive victims of sexual tyranny.

I was already mad enough to lose my shit at that point, when Pete F pipes up and goes, "I know what!!! I know what!!! We'll make everyone happy and call it a 'frunt'!" Aaaaaand then I snapped and lost my shit. I chased that l'il bastid out the school and into the playground and the little monkey was up a tree before I could get my hands on him!

So I'm cool now. He can't stay up there forever! When he comes down I will learn him everything he needs to know about using profanity in my class.

As usual, thanks for stopping by! Maybe once I have control of my classroom again we'll go back to play-doh and hopefully nobody will get offended. Have a good Friday!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Blog War: Stare Of The Predator.

When the ratings dive on my blog as they usually do I turn to others with successful blogs and rip off and plagiarize their material and present it as my own. CW over at the Daily Time Waster has a file entitled 'Stare of the predator' where he posts pics of menacing predators staring down the photographer. Time to go with what works!

There. That oughtta be good for a half million views right there.
Another half million will be ripped off from Coopville too!
Gaze upon my works, and tremble, mortals!!!

Spandau Ballet

I guess the equivalent for the chinamen is a Mauser Ballet!
I'd a figgered 'em for a Simonov myself.
Just goes to show - NEVER make assumptions with celestials.

Retards ... Can't Trust 'Em With Nothin'

Fuggin Quartermain! Give him a friggin soccer ball,
and he starts messing with time and space.
I'll be shovelling subatomic particles all day long
trying to fill all
the worm holes he created...!!!

High Speed Low Drag

My only critique is that after a Tex Mex night at Jack's - something like this
could do with a four point harness! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Yeah...Pretty Much The Way Of It

Today's Remedial Virtue Signalling Exercise

Up here in Canada the retards Liberals that infest our judiciary have decreed that even the truth can be considered 'hate speech' and therefore a hate crime. I'm serious. In Canada, we are seriously going to have to learn how not to offend contemptable stupid people - or face the wrath of the law.

My last blog test on virtue signalling was a dismal failure. Almost everyone failed! This isn't something that is going to get any easier folks. The liberal chit tests are literally going to spiral out of control as liberal social justice warriors compete against each other to be holier than their rivals and most of them won't care who they have to kill to accomplish it. It will be open season on witchcraft, heretics, and apostates.

So? What can we say about a dangerous picture like this? There are at least two:

a. Mrs. Kay is a racist
b. The school system is racist
c. ?
d. ?

In all seriousness I don't know what is to be done about this. About a year back they had this exact problem in Tranna in Morontario. Toronto is Canada's answer to Massivetwoshits - it's a bastion of progressive liberal lunacy that is slowly going bankrupt, inhabited by people for whom corruption, stupidity, and incompetence are virtues.

Anyhoo, they noticed this exact racist phenomenon. The white kids used eeevil juju white privilege to succeed in class at the expense of the black kids who failed and washed out. The answer, according to some token spear chucker in the teacher's union - were schools that were more 'Afro-centric'. Blacks would be segregated into their own classes and learn without the bias and discrimination of regular public schools, with a more friendly curriculum. One, presumably, where black high schoolers learned long division instead of calculus and physics.

Bah. I didn't mean for this to be a serious post. It started out as a rude joke and now look at it - another political post! STFU Filthie!

Screw it - have yourselves a good Tuesday!

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Filthie Gourmet: Today's Road Kill

Looks like the Sea Food Buffet
Hope ya brought your apetite!

My First Encounter With Spousal Abuse

When I was a boy my best friend was brought up by parents that were always at each others throats. It wasn't the funny, loving banter of quick witted couples swapping rude insults and jokes - it was the kind of mean that drove Dave out of his house to take refuge in ours.

I remember once I was over there and Dad had just bought a boat for the family. Dave's mom goes, "Are you going to name it after me...?"

And pop goes, scornfully, "No, I am NOT going to call it "The Sea Hag."  Then the fight was on... and me and Dave were gone.


Reminds me of our wedding except that it was me with the pail...

Fall Closes In

We just had the annual hot rod show n' shine across the street. It serves as my official calendar event that signals the onset of fall. A few of the leaves are starting to turn already. This year I didn't bother with the car show - my hot rod appreciation days are far behind me. It's starting to get chilly in the morning.

About this time a year ya start seeing stuff like this too. How do ya like them apples, ya old fart! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! I remember years ago how - when I thought my daughter still had a future in a world she had by the tail - I went down to the man cave and fiddled with the rifles and camping gear and told myself I had better things to worry about than my daughter when she left. She'd be fine, I was just being a neurotic old fart worrying about a kid who could handle herself and shown it many, many times. Bah - I've been down that road before and it goes nowhere. Unlike me he has nothing to worry about. Hong Kong! What a wonderful world that girl will live in. Full lives to you, guys.

Last night I fired up Big Red and went over to Fort Saskatchewan by way of the back roads and putt-putt-putted down them at bout 35~40 MPH. The Fort is right next door but at my speed it took awhile to get there. When I pulled in I went to A&W and bought a small root beer and sat in the parking lot with it and my cell. I was saddling up and leaving when some other old farts pulled in on a Harley and I knew they wanted to talk... but I still had some miles ahead of me and the sun goes down earlier these days. I went down a few more country roads, made it back to the highway and lit 'er up and headed for home.

I am one of those guys that gets blue in the fall and I think I am going to dispense with that this year. I am going to spend more time down in the shop fiddling and farting around with stuff that doesn't need it and maybe get serious about my faith studies. Life goes on whether you're blue about it or not. Might as well make the best of it.

It's Monday. Better get after it before it gets after you! HAR HAR HAR! Have a good one, and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Kiddie Diddling Priests: An Exercise In Human Nature

Every jaw is flapping on the church's recent problems with the kiddie diddling clergymen. A week or so back I read about how Pete was devastated and infuriated by the corruption of his faith because of it. Apparently he was an ordained clergyman at one point, whereas I am an outhouse Christian at the very best. He's forgotten more about the faith than I will ever know. He was closer to that blast than I am and you can tell he knows all about it.

Perhaps it's distance that gives me my perspective, maybe it's stupidity. But - none of this shocks me in the least. Here is what is probably being studiously ignored in all this: the vast majority of those attacks on children will be homosexual in nature. In order to hunt, pedos seek postions of trust and authority over children. Nobody says a thing about the organizations when they pop up in our schools, or in the boy scouts, or minor hockey. What I see from my seat up here in the peanut gallery - is that the church is being set up as the fall guy on these acts of depravity rather than the queers. Really though - what did these guys expect? If you give a pervert the power of God over children - what do you think he is going to do with that power?

Wherever you get money or power or both, you will inevitably get corruption. People are throwing their faith out everywhere because of shite like this and they shouldn't. The church needs an enema and it is going to get it good and hard. The good remaining Christians over there will demand nothing less.

The foundation of sleight of hand tricks is diversion. You look at what the magician wants you to look at while he deceives your eyes and intellect somewhere else. Same thing is going on here: everyone is tut-tut-tutting about the fall of the church … while the liberal and gay community turn children into sex toys right under our noses. Every other week a story comes out where some pan-gendered freak shows are castrating their son and filling him up with hormones to transistion him to another 'sexuality'. Why aren't people doing something about that? Hell, people laugh about shit like that nowadays.

15 years ago I saw some pretty damning studies about queers that destroyed their authors. Queers are 30% more likely to attack children than straights. Dykes were 35% more likely to engage in spousal abuse than straights. Sexuality is a big part of the human animal's psyche … and when it goes bad, it takes a lot of the patient's  humanity with it. Our ancestors were not ignorant and intolerant. They understood queers and that is why they were treated the way they were.

I find it telling that while the church is actively hunting and purging itself of sexual degenerates and perverts - the progressive left and the cucks are closing ranks around theirs. Many are openly questioning the idea of mainstreamed pedophilia. In broad daylight. Right under our noses.

It may be wrong for me to think this way but for me my relationship to my Maker is strictly between me and Him. I will share that relationship with those of a like mind and in the spirit of fellowship... but I won't have that relationship undermined by anyone or anything. I hope the good catholics out there keep their chins up and their faith strong. I can see what's actually going on here, and if I can see it - so can our Maker.

Depraved societies ultimately devour themselves, usually sooner rather than later, and it happens very quickly. What's going on here now cannot end well.

Today's Virtue Signalling Test

I'll be watching every one a you VERY closely!!!! If you're going to be a good retard or liberal, you must be able to avoid noticing certain facts that are blatantly obvious. Look at the picture below. You have 10 seconds to answer the question. Note, any rude jokes or inappropriate laughter is a hate crime and results in an instant fail!


What do these two pictures have in common?

The Filthie Gourmet: Sunday Supper

Oh man. I want a hot dog...

Hmpfffff. The Great American Hotdog seems to be undergoing some politically correct diverse envibrantment here. You can see the influence of the wops Italians, krauts Germans, beaners Mexicans … and it works. I could go for a chilidog any time, any day.

Yannow ya see minorities culturally aproprab...apropr….apropp… fuggit, ya see them modifying western cuisine to their own tastes all the time. I suppose the pakies would put curry on a dog and call it something else. 

What would happen if we culturally appropriated their food and North Americanized it? A lot of furrin foods could be made vastly more palatable I'd think. I'd love to dig into some Tex Mex Chinese food. Replace the cats n dogs with beef, a metric chit tonne of hot sauce and peppers... oh man.

What are you having for supper tonight?

Comemorative Firearms

I'll say it again for the slow kids in the cheap seats: if you are looking for a pistol to defend your home, or you're getting into pistolcraft and transitioning from a .22 trainer to a serious centrefire gun... the Glock 9mm is probably one of the best guns out there for ya.

Especially if you are a black pimp, or a shit skinned gangbanger or a pussy.

Harumpffff!!! I'm sorry, did I say that out loud? How terribly rude of me! In my defense I submit that I am an acolyte of St. Cooper and St. Browning and worship at the altar of God's calibre. I flirted with the pagan gods when I bought one of those polymer HK USP tactical pistols... chambered correctly of course... but my sterling character and intellect demanded that I go back to my much loved 1911 format pistol.

Unfortunately I think some of my gun bigotry has reached the wrong ears. In my hate mail this morning I got an interesting letter from the president and CEO of Glock USA.

Dear Mr. Filthie,

I and my fellow employees here at Glock USA have had it up to here with all the rotten things you've been saying about our guns, and by extension - about us. Rather than wage an unsporting legal battle over defamation, slander and libel - we have decided to take you and your comments as part of a bold new marketing campaign that will assert our belief in the Second Amendment, and disparage those that would undermine our brand name and our efforts to preserve it.

Our PR strategy from this point will be to focus the public's attention on the efforts of prominent gun grabbers and gun cucks by immortalizing them in our new line of limited edition commemorative pistols. Yours will be No. 5 of 5 our most special guns - a line dedicated to America's stupidest bitches that don't have a clue about firearms or crime: Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, David Hogg - and now, yourself!

I hope you enjoy our appreciation  and recognition of your opinions and thoughts on our place in the firearms industry.

Get stuffed,

Horace A Pimpleton
CEO and President
Glock USA Inc.


A cack!?!?! I am being immortalized in the firearms industry by a gun with a cack on it?!?!? The gun gods piss upon me!!!

Gawddammitalltohell… welp, there's nothing to be done about it, I guess. I hereby take back all the rotten things I've said about Glocks. They really are good guns, all bantering and rude jokes aside. And although I am loathe to admit it... I am really diggin' some of the new racers popping up here and there.

If you own and shoot a Glock - smile and keep doing so.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Saturday Morning Chores: Burning The Week’s Garbage

Oh hi everyone! Good to see ya's!

Today I am trying to raise some gumption (and failing) - to get myself up and doing something useful. But instead I’m laying around reading the blogs instead and pooping in the comments.

An interesting phenomenon I see cropping up here and there - especially among the NRx (the so-called neo-reactionaries) - is a falling out with the idea of democracy and some amorous flirting with the idea returning to monarchical forms of gov’t. The idea is that the current crop of faggots, old women and affirmative action flunkies would be replaced by a strong monarch that would pound those types down, take over and rule responsibly and we’d all sail off into the sunset. Guys like Trump would make a perfect candidate for the new American royalty dontchya know! Of course the flip side of that is this: what happens when your king is a childish prat like Justine Turdo? I suppose in a feudal system he’d get shivved and replaced by a strong man - and who knows what he’d be like? Your average 11 year old should be able to reason that kind a stuff out but I think most NRx guys live with their parents in the basement.

Even the Z Man came out against democracy which kind of surprised me. I respect his intellect and read him every day. In his podcast this week, he talks about why Christianity is fated to die, and why democracy is to blame. It’s an interesting take.

Say - ya mind if I throw some dry rotten wood on the fire? The higher temps’ll help burn the dawg shite, HAR HAR HAR! Might get a little smelly here.

Z Says the democracy has its own moral code and because of that it can devour any competing ideologies - like Christianity. What else could explain the diving attendance? What the Z Man misses is that Christianity is based on democracy. As a faith it took off like wildfire because it dispensed with the onerous and superfluous laws and traditions of other faiths. You didn’t have to get circumcised, or eat certain ways, or take crap off of ammoral holier-than-thou religious flakes who were trying to control you - real Christianity is spelled right out in the bible. You are supposed to be a leader, you are supposed to control yourself, and you are expected to use your strength in service of others. If you accept the faith and the conditions of membership and you practice them you are in like Flynn regardless of your skin colour, societal class, or ancestry. It was literally the first inclusive ideology.

Democracy won’t kill Christianity and it won’t kill the United States. Sloth, lack of morals and fecklessness will though. Phew! That ol’ garbage fire positively reeks now, dunninit. That’s what happens when ya burn manure though!

And speaking of sloth... my day is getting away on me. Y’all have a great Saturday, and if ya have time, a rude joke or greeting in the comments is always welcome! Thanks again for stopping by!

Friday, 17 August 2018

From Uncle Bob's Porn Stash

Uncle Bob was a shameless womanizer.
It is my contention that Quartermain turned into
a great big slut by reading stuff like this.

I suspect this one was written under a pen name by world famous adventurer and novelist,
WL Emery whilst on safari in Africa...
Or maybe when he was on that bender in Detroit when he wrote it.

Harumpffff! I dunno if this one is suitable for children
or not. I will read through it and render a decision shortly.
If anyone needs me, I will be in the washroom.
Have a great Friday!

Meanwhile In Canada

We'll see, I suppose.
We fully intend to replace a few unpleasant white
people and their vibrant cohorts in the next election too.

Ten or 15 years ago they threw the book at some backwoods loon here in Alberta because he was an anti-Semite holocaust denier and a public school teacher. At the time I thought, "The guy is clearly a loon; why are they crucifying this guy?" But apparently in Canada, even back then, some forms of lunacy were perfectly acceptable, and others were not. Then just last year or the year before, they had a protest in Tranna where some rabble of  Palestinkians and other moslem mudflaps were all chanting for the genocide of the joos and everyone just shrugged.


On a totally random and off-topic note, I see we have a new entrant into the Non-Restricted class of cool firearms in Canada. They are taking orders now. 

The Stag 10 is now available in Canada - AND it's non-restricted
which means it doesn't have to be registered with the gubbimint. Seems
to be available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308.

The AR-10 remains on the Restricted list, however.

As you can see, unpleasant white men like Yours Truly will not be replaced by morons like Justin Turdo in charge... but many of the mudflaps and vibrants he's importing are dumb enough to take a crack at it. I strongly recommend that we all celebrate diversity and cultural enrichment accordingly.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Reunion Of Sorts

It was over half a year ago that one day I saw the writing on the wall, gave the finger to my previous employer - and walked out the door. A week later my junior salesman did the same. Two weeks later they fired Big Al - the manager I had been training for over a year and a half. When economies turn down you get the morons in management that think they can just hire and fire their problems away. My former employers are learning the folly of that the hard way and I admit to a sly enjoyment at their misfortunes.

But tonight we all rode our motorcycles to Tim Hortons (5 min from my house) - and met as friends. We talked about the former employer for about 5 minutes and delighted in their misfortune together like cretins - but after that the talk turned serious. Big Al showed me pics of his fishin' trips and he had caught a walleye the size of a gator and we all turned green with envy.

At my new work today I told them about how me and Ian pooped the bed  and screwed up the gals in shipping in the back - and our stupidity and incompetence got us the 'Stooge Multiple Slap' from one a the them, HAR HAR HAR!

Flapz bought one a those new offroad 'UTV's' - the side-by-sides all the kids are driving these days. He is working as an assistant engineer for CN and making a fortune but working like a devil. He wants to quit but the money is too good and the job market sucks.

Big Al had a rough week. On Wed. he'd finally had enough of the crazy girlfriend and gave her the punt. An hour later the hospital called and told him his mom had passed away. As we sat jawing he was in good spirits anyway. He was glad to see us and laugh at our misfortunes. He is considering semi-retardedment because work is really hard to come by in Alberta right now.

We all have our issues I guess. Flapz has a son who is having a son who isn't growing up and is having trouble with the boy to man transition, as does Al. My kid needs no introduction; she's in her mid-30's and going on 14.

Three old stubfarts, at times morose, exuberant, and content - all in the Tim Hortons parking lot out by the motorcycles. I bravely resisted Al's cigars, Al laughed for the first time in awhile, and Flapz clowned for all of us. They drove me nuts at times at work and off... but I realized tonight how much I love them. We all agreed we gotta do a serious ride before the snow flies... but whether it happens or not is up in the air. Life, and all that.

Every summer there's that one special night that makes you wish you could freeze time and live in the moment for just awhile longer, and this year, tonight was my night. It was good to see the boys again and bullshit about everything the way we did when we were kids. I haven't felt that way since my family imploded... and it was good.

Those buttholes had to defer to my authority before, and now maybe I will flex my muscles on them again - and insist on that motorcycle ride - before the snow flies.


CSA To Issue Special Acceptances For Special Electricians

Good work, Quartermain! Works for me!

Olympian Retards

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

So BW And This Parrot Go Into A Bar

Errrr… I had a rude joke lined up but... I seem to have lost
my train of thought!

Indulging My Entrepeneurial Spirit

I've looked seriously at weaponizing monetising my blog for fun and profit. World famous adventurer, writer and man about town - WL Emery uses his to sell the fine novels he writes. Traitorous dissidents like BP sell tee shirts with rude jokes about me and my fellow elites in the  pompous political polarized patriarchal class. Even Uncle Bob had a tip jar.

I was gearing up to sell poop knives like the ones I posted on the blog a couple days back but me n' Jack and Quartermain had an incident during the preliminary QA/QC tests and ended up with a 'log jam'.

Hmmmmm. This has possibilities.

Hot Summer...

I think the worst of it is over. The plants all look like hell, the hornets are all being assholes, and I am even seeing a few random fall leaves up here already. The days are getting shorter now too. Today the air was full of smoke from the forest fires and the air was a spooky sepia colour that had all the environmentalist greentards at work gobbling in fright. On the road home traffic was gridlocked. No accidents, no construction - just legions of morons that forgot how to drive because - smoke in the air!!! Grump grump grump! I think the weather makes everyone a little snippy.

Cabin Porn

Are there really places like this in the world?
Gawd, I can see myself there with some steaks burning on a grill,
a beer in hand...what a friggin day.

The War Between The Sexes Is Heating Up

That one above has been making the rounds on the innernet and the squawking and flapping and feathers could be heard all the way up here in Alberta. The response from the women seems to be pretty much, "How DARE you even suggest such a thing!!!!" The response from the men seems to be divided with none of them all too upset by it. I suppose for us guys it depends who you are and where you're at in life. If you're a fella who's been through the divorce meat grinder and never planning to marry again you might not consider such things important in casual relationships. If you're a young man wanting to start a family a woman like this would be a necessity. One of the biggest successes of feminism (or failures, depending on how ya look at it) - is how it has managed to rationalize and mainstream despicable female misbehaviour.

But us fellas are rapidly catching up in that regard. I guess I got banned over at Jim's for noticing male misbehaviour too, HAR HAR HAR! Jim believes women are inherently inferior and evil creatures (and he has plenty of ammo for his argument) - and that they have to be dominated by men and regularly punished else they'll go feral and turn into dykes, sluts, and cat women. I personally have a queer daughter and her actions speak loudly in Jim's favour. I am here to tell you that if you try and control a shrike like that in today's political and legal climate - you'll probably end up in jail or on Pervert Island for it!

After years of shit and abuse at the hands of liberals, I learned a few things about them. They believe their own shit, and when the fallout from their beliefs splatters across their faces the response is always to blame somebody else and rage at them. It's why their families fall apart.

Yes, our women are turning into skanks and derelicts in front of our eyes. And no, there's not much we can do about it. With the exception of my wife, in my family and circle, we have three generations of women that are absolutely good for nothing. They're domineering, ropey mouthed shrews that do not love or respect their men. For the men - they cope. My dad turns on YouTube and plugs his earphones into the iPad when Mom starts flapping and fussing. Before I put them in the rear view mirror - my father in law spent much of his retirement trying to spend as much time away from his wife as he could. My brother in law and my own brother are both divorced and re-married. All our kids are pretty much write-offs. As my family disintegrated around me I found myself in church with my wife - quite a feat for a former  committed atheist.

I got the boot from Jim's for my advice to the young men there. They absolutely hated me for it. "Whadda YOU know, Filthie? Your own daughter is a carpet munching pervert....!!! What would YOU know about sexuality in the new world out there? You couldn't handle it in the old world!" The boys are absolutely right too. My daughter is what she is, and my part in her failures are what they are too. I deny nothing.

But I stand by my advice to young men caught in this maelstrom of a collapsing society: in these times of crazy women, feral minorities, cucked churches, and mainstreamed perversion - you are on your own. Your survival or success in the days ahead will hinge on seeing this external BS only as a tactical situation, and one to stay out of as much as possible. The younger you are, the tougher that is going to be. But - educate yourself. You will need a good foundation for workable morals and ethics: a familiarity of Christianity and Stoicism make for a great start. Get help and friends as you dabble in these, you need to understand them because they are the cornerstones of our civilization. Improve yourself with meaningful education, and don't waste your time on games you can't win. Be your own man, but don't take shortcuts or the easiest way out - do the work. Take pride in it. If you do that, you won't have to worry about finding a good woman because they will find you. If you listen to guys like Jim - he'll tell you that women can't rise above their hormones and instincts or natures, and that ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. As far as he goes they are - but he lives and dwells in a trailer park. He'll never see a woman of worth because women like that won't give guys like Jim the time of day. Good women are not sluts, skanks, feminists or Marxists - and they aren't stupid either. Which is why YOU need to be smart.

The manosphere is chock full a guys trying to get their heads on straight as they cope with the betrayal of their women and families. I've been there, and the experience can either kill you or make you stronger... and I think that is a 50/50 proposition for a lot of those young men.

None of that is fair, but it's life.