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Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Reunion Of Sorts

It was over half a year ago that one day I saw the writing on the wall, gave the finger to my previous employer - and walked out the door. A week later my junior salesman did the same. Two weeks later they fired Big Al - the manager I had been training for over a year and a half. When economies turn down you get the morons in management that think they can just hire and fire their problems away. My former employers are learning the folly of that the hard way and I admit to a sly enjoyment at their misfortunes.

But tonight we all rode our motorcycles to Tim Hortons (5 min from my house) - and met as friends. We talked about the former employer for about 5 minutes and delighted in their misfortune together like cretins - but after that the talk turned serious. Big Al showed me pics of his fishin' trips and he had caught a walleye the size of a gator and we all turned green with envy.

At my new work today I told them about how me and Ian pooped the bed  and screwed up the gals in shipping in the back - and our stupidity and incompetence got us the 'Stooge Multiple Slap' from one a the them, HAR HAR HAR!

Flapz bought one a those new offroad 'UTV's' - the side-by-sides all the kids are driving these days. He is working as an assistant engineer for CN and making a fortune but working like a devil. He wants to quit but the money is too good and the job market sucks.

Big Al had a rough week. On Wed. he'd finally had enough of the crazy girlfriend and gave her the punt. An hour later the hospital called and told him his mom had passed away. As we sat jawing he was in good spirits anyway. He was glad to see us and laugh at our misfortunes. He is considering semi-retardedment because work is really hard to come by in Alberta right now.

We all have our issues I guess. Flapz has a son who is having a son who isn't growing up and is having trouble with the boy to man transition, as does Al. My kid needs no introduction; she's in her mid-30's and going on 14.

Three old stubfarts, at times morose, exuberant, and content - all in the Tim Hortons parking lot out by the motorcycles. I bravely resisted Al's cigars, Al laughed for the first time in awhile, and Flapz clowned for all of us. They drove me nuts at times at work and off... but I realized tonight how much I love them. We all agreed we gotta do a serious ride before the snow flies... but whether it happens or not is up in the air. Life, and all that.

Every summer there's that one special night that makes you wish you could freeze time and live in the moment for just awhile longer, and this year, tonight was my night. It was good to see the boys again and bullshit about everything the way we did when we were kids. I haven't felt that way since my family imploded... and it was good.

Those buttholes had to defer to my authority before, and now maybe I will flex my muscles on them again - and insist on that motorcycle ride - before the snow flies.


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