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Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Weird Day On The Range; A Sunday Ramble

I've handloaded the vast majority of the ammunition I use all my life. I used to shoot military calibres because getting brass was a simple matter of just going to the range pail and garbage picking the empties I need - and then take them home, sort 'em and load 'em up again. That doesn't happen anymore; everyone has to be a reloader in these tough times and we have a lot of old farts at our club that are on limited means. If a piece of brass hits the ground they are on it like magpies on road kill. The only thing I find in the pail these days are that steel chicom surplus crap or .22 rimfire. I don't care much, really, when times were good I picked those pails and stored up a supply of brass at home in 3 gal. pails of my own. And sometimes I luck out and beat the old boys to a pile here and there. I only take what I need and leave the rest in the pail for them.

But... this is why I reload.

That's 1.2 MOA - my practice ammo: mixed brass,
autodump powder charges, mostly the same primers. I can
load better ammo and squeeze in ever so close to 1 M.O.A. …
but I am too lazy to do the work at the bench.
I can live with this, that group will fit very nicely into the cranium
of some coyote or failed liberal social experiment.

So then I pull out some Nosler factory Match ammo - and sprayed it all over hell's half acre! I am personally getting pissed as hell at Nosler these days. Their quality has gone to shit, they come out with these proprietary cartridges that burn barrels, eat brass and shoot like hell - and they charge top dollar for it! Screw them!

The five right most shots are Nosler 77gr. Match ammo.
The upper left  five are some cheap Federal XM855's

Maybe you are having good luck with Nosler stuff, but for me, I am one bad range day away from throwing those guys overboard for good. And I say that as a former hard core fan and customer.

In other news I have developed the best brass catcher for self-shucking firearms known to man:

Loop your ball hat over the scope and move it back so it covers the ejection port.
It'll either catch the brass or dump it conveniently at your feet!
I do this all the time now.
Full disclosure - I didn't invent this. That honour
goes to Some Dude on OyTube.

The odd brass will occasionally stovepipe the action and get buggered - but for the most part your empties won't get away anymore.

But these weapons are all kid stuff compared to the ones being deployed in the ever escalating culture war. Yannow what the worst weapon is? It literally trumps guns 'n ammo hands down. A woman's tears. I'm not kidding either. Just a couple weeks ago some cunned stunt was on one of the major networks weeping about how America's eeeeeeeeevil president was putting beaner children in cages and separating them from their illegal immigrant parents. (But that was last week so most libtards have probaby already forgotten it).

I can't handle Black Pilled for too long - it is too dark and dreary for me,
but here is another case of a crying lunatic 
making everyone else act like one too.

Some seriously shitty women have weaponized their tears against us to feed their egos and need for attention. Or maybe as a side effect of some mental illness. So many men will lose all perspective at the sight of tears and I just don't understand that either. These same women won't bat an eye when they and their kids are murdered and raped by illegal migrants. My ol' buddy Jim would say that when stuff like this is going on - women need to be slapped. Bitch slapped. I totally agree too - but only for extreme cases like this where the woman is clearly not in control of herself. More than a few men could use some of that too.

So I heard McCain passed away. Guys like him could be wrapped around the finger of a tearful woman.  There were a lot of men like McCain in my family. The kids these days call them 'cucks'. They were the kind of men that pretended to civilized conservative values, but didn't, really. They took unreasonable amounts of chit off their lunatic women, went along with stupid cultural trends knowing full well they were stupid and harmful - but didn't care because they didn't personally have to worry about the social consequences of it. Oh sure, they'd put up a fight initially, but the tearful women and the cool kids always got the best of them and they'd roll over and let them win. That's basically the kind of man McCain was.

I have heard a lot of dirt about McCommie, I saw him speak a couple times and disagreed with him on pretty much everything. Like many of the men in my family, McCain had a lot of opportunities to prove he was a better man - and he blew every single one of them. He took the easy way out, he backed down when he should have fought, and when he lost he blamed it on others. I won't piss on his grave or dance on his coffin except to note that his dying was probably pretty hard - and he deserved it. I hope my Maker has found more good in him than I have.

Which reminds me - I had better get moving and head off to church. I think the times are coming that will test us all the same way they tested McCain - may we all have the strength and character to do a better job than he did.

Have a great Sunday.

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