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Thursday, 22 November 2018

A 'Church' Family?

Believe it or else.

I actually got invited to a Yank thanksgiving tonight, one of the couples at our church are Yanks and  had us and a few couples over for turkey supper. I had been dreading it for a couple weeks because I am one of those guys that hurts people whether he means to or not. The kids threw the shindig, us upper-middle aged old farts talked awkwardly at first while the ladies chattered like birds as they got the supper going.

After the meal Joe (we initially took an instinctive dislike to each other when we first met) managed to chat sociably and even on friendlier terms as the night wore on. The old biddies were there and tickled pink to be invited and not have to cook - but they helped anyways.

After the dinner I guess the rule was ya go round the table and everyone has to say what they were thankful for. The ladies were all thankful for their 'church family' meaning the other bums that go to the chapel. Before I knew it, it was my turn to say what I was thankful for. I looked round at all those wonderful folks and I kinda got what the gals were talking about. There was no bullshit at this table, no friction, no rivalries, no head games in play - just a bunch of bums enjoying each other's company on a random day of the week at a random point of space and time. This was what thanksgiving and Christmas and all the other holidays were supposed to be.

When it was my turn I said, "I lost a job I'd held for 10 years and found another one at half the pay where I work twice as hard - and I am deeply thankful for it." It sounded right - it keeps me out of jail, I can torment the kids with my stupidity and teach them on other occasions. The old gals went on at length about how they were thankful for daughters, nieces and relatives that took special care of them to make their lives better. It was the first time in years that I didn't have to listen to some idiot bloviating on politics in a way that made me want to put down my fork and pick up a rifle, HAR HAR HAR!

For tonight, at least, I was kinda-sorta part of the church family too - and it felt good. I am polishing off an after-dinner scotch back home here at the castle - and then I am hitting the hay. What a night!

Errr… sorry for all the maudlin BS lately. Thanks for stopping by, the lame rude jokes will resume shortly.

Don't say ya weren't warned - after all: this IS the place where great intelligence goes to be insulted!

Have a great Friday!


  1. Glen, our holidays and gatherings have become so politicized and such social minefields that we forget that originally, these things were really just meant to be reasons to get together and enjoy the company of others.

    And actually, that is a pretty good thing to be thankful for.

    And do not worry about the maudlin part. It is called sorting through your thoughts to get at the nuggets of wisdom. It is a privilege that we, the older generation, get to do.

    1. Well thanks for your indulgence and kind words. Some of this useless baggage is so hard to let go. It takes a concerted effort of will power to dispense with it. Self discipline is not one of my strong suits is it...

    2. It is, Glen. Sometimes for me it is a daily test. And yes, self discipline is a struggle here a well.