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Monday, 12 November 2018

A Fresh Monday Morning Steamer

Comes from M. Silvius, who - like me - was treated with scorn and contempt the by the BBQ gods and their sinful lickspittles here on earth! But he did something about it - and made his own!

When you have skills and materials you don't have to take crap off of anybody. Now THAT is a BBQ fit for a noble Roman like Filthicus M. Silvius! I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that I could pay him to build me one at going shop and material rates - and still be money ahead on what I've spent on BBQ's from the commercial companies. Details of his build are here.

I've marked the blog for follow up - and thanks for stopping by, M.


  1. Well Mr Filthie, I am so glad you enjoyed that, thanks for the plug. Making the little grill was fun, mostly cause I had the materials which as I said I found in a dumpster at the local metal supply retailer. It was just a matter of figuring out what I could do with what I had at hand. Six inch wide, quarter inch thick aluminum 6063-T6 plate in about two foot lengths. So it is all based on those dimensions. Top is 12X12 inches and 6X6 inches at the coal grate. Cut all the pieces with a wood cutting blade in my chop saw and had a friend with a TIG welder put it together for me.
    PS: The M is for Michael, but I have been called a lot worse. Thanks again.

    1. That is a great little project, Michael. That is some fine welding going on too...