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Thursday, 29 November 2018

An Interesting One Over At Camp Borepatch...

BP has his skivvies in a wad at the state of modern science and I don't blame him one bit! Being a technical and scientific man myself, I saw through this perversion of science the second it began.
This is just another biproduct of the Left's long march through the institutions. When it's your job to 'prove' state sponsored propaganda, you get shams like warble gloaming.

As a kid my brother in law got his first teaching gig up in the Northwest Territories on an indian reservation at Fort Chipewyan. He was a hard core leftist as you might expect from a (hork, spit) public educator. He was a union slob all the way through, he married a feminist (also a public educator), and they were absolute murder at family gatherings. He and his wife would regale us with leftist idiocy and I'd try to tune them out and think pleasant thoughts - like killing them in the most painful and inhumane way possible, HAR HAR HAR!

And when the warble gloaming fad came out those two idiots were all over it. My wife's parents were lightweight environmentalists so they got washed away with it too. I remember one Sunday afternoon where we were having a civil meeting, and as usual, everything went to hell when the brother in law showed up. He was bragging and gloating that he had become a point man on environmental initiatives for the local native group up there. Environmentalism is the tool that our First Nation Freeloaders natives use to shake down the gov't for free money. Of course Mommy and Daddy were just thrilled at how their perfect son had become an accomplished climate scientist literally overnight. I am not kidding about this either - I was expected to be awed and impressed with my brother in law but could only muster contempt. Not only for him, but for his parents. Most of the big wheels in the climate scam are anything but scientists. But here was my brother in law, with a teaching degree - posing as an authority on environmental issues. And of course, because my job relied on Big Oil, I to be his whipping boy.

I remember getting up and when no one was looking - I threw my pop can in the garbage rather than the recycle.  The smell was getting a little ripe in that house, and it was time to leave.

Ever see those old Bruce Willis or Stallone movies, where the hero tosses a lit match over his shoulder … and the gasoline soaked bad guys all blow up with the force of a small megaton nuke? And the hero just keeps on walking away without even looking back? Remember those?

That's the way I walked away from my in law's home. Instead of a megaton explosion at my back, I heard a hysterical gobble: "Who threw a pop can in the garbage!!!!!???? We recycle in this house...!!!"


Have a good Humpday - and don't blow anything up!!!


  1. We used to have it made. Combustibles got thrown into the trash burner in the back yard and combusted, the fire ignited by wooden strike it anywhere kitchen matches. Organics went to the garbage and wound up in a dump somewhere, as did non-organics. Tin cans were reserved for rifle practice in the back yard ("Mom! Don't throw the cans away - they make great targets!"). Glass bottles were returned to get the deposit back.

    Anyone who gets upset about a pop can in the garbage is wound too tight. And the whole native Canadian racket is nothing more than a clever way to rip off the government.

    1. In the company of men I refer to them as red niggers. When I hear them pishing and moaning about the environment - and the streets of their reservations are strewn with garbage and junk... all I can say to them is 'pull my other finger...'