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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Caturday Goes Horribly Wrong...

That is one creepy cat!
Looks like Gramma!!!!!

Cats generally get the bum steer from men and they shouldn't. I love them myself. My favourite cat was Sammy - a little niggered black cat that was put on this earth solely to torture my father. One day after chores we were just bagged. Pop crashed on the couch and I sprawled on the floor - I think we'd just finished with bringing in bales for the year.

I was petting the cat with my mind in neutral when Pop goes "How can you stand that stinky bastard? All it does is eat and shit...". So Sammy gets up, slinks on over to him and sits there with her tail twitching and staring Pop down. Aaaaaand - Pop gave the cat a playful punt. 

And then he lost 5 gallons of blood when Sammy went after his foot! She ripped on him so bad that he almost used the F word! You could see the blood stains on his socks after she finished with him. And later on that night when the football game was on, they were the best of buds. Pop absently petted her while taking in the game.

I sometimes think I'd like to have one more cat before I die, but we have dawgz. 

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