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Thursday, 15 November 2018


Working as I do in the solar power industry, there are a lot of greentards, soyboys, and estrogen dumps. I keep my mouth firmly shut, and concentrate solely on the job. When politics come up I change the subject or find some place else to be. I work hard, I get paid a wage to work with and for these tards, and some of 'em are nice folks despite their mental retardation. I suspect that if they knew my politics, ethics and beliefs most of 'em wouldn't be so nice. I work to maintain a mutually respectful distance from them and so far I've been successful.

The other day an email came by from on high - one of the students at the local college is in the alternative energy program, she's from Syria, and she had better get some money soon or she was going to be deported. I saw the link to the GoFundMe or whatever it was - and turfed the email right into the electronic garbage can without a second thought.

Now I am thinking twice about it. My attitude is that we have seniors eating cat food, we have service men in the military that have to hit the food banks to get by - and if I am going to be charitable with anyone, it will be my own first. Our own kids can't get good jobs or afford an education - and I am being asked to fund hers? Ummm… no. The other problem I have is that Canada, like America, has become a dumping ground for human trash from the third world.

I hope the management doesn't get stupid about that - but I ain't giving that girl a single penny


  1. Glen, GoPaySomeone has always been something of a mixed bag for me. Occasionally I have donated to a friend's desperate need, like a fire or significant health need. But I think on the whole it is very overused (and I have problems with the fact they take a cut a cut).

  2. I'm fairly erudite, but unfortunately my working vocabulary doen't include the following words, and I'd like a concise definition:

    estrogen dump

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello Glen,

    In light of your more recent posts in which you have written about your walk with God, I'm going to say something I wish I had heard a long, long time ago: Don't make decisions like this one yourself - ask God what to do. I used to think God was like a fire extinguisher and that I should turn to Him only in emergencies. But that's not true. He wants to be involved in every part of our lives from brushing our teeth to combing our hair. So start talking to Him and, as long as you are sincere, He will answer you. Talking with God is a bit of a skill and it takes some practice. Most of the time His voice is very quiet and it can be hard to hear. Also, He doesn't always use words. Learning to listen is a bit of a skill too that also takes practice. If the idea of talking with God is new to you then start with simple things like:
    Father, what shirt should I wear today?
    God, what should I eat for breakfast?
    Abba, how should I respond to this email?
    God, is there anything you want me to do (or not do) today?

    After some time and practice you will be able to hear and understand Him more and more clearly.

    If you are ever in doubt of what you are hearing then you can test it by asking: Was Jesus (Yeshua) born of the flesh?
    That's from You should always hear back a clear, "Yes, Jesus was born of the flesh."

    Asking God what to do and say is a great way to open a door for Him into our lives. I discovered this only in my early 40s and I wish I had known this when I was sooooo much younger; that would have saved me (and others in my life) a lot of pain and suffering. We are supposed to go from glory to glory ( but that's not going to happen very much if we don't let Him into our lives and allow Him to make changes. You can talk to Him about anything just be sincere and humble. Pro tip: add a "please" to the front and a "thank you" to the end of every question and answer. Sincerity, humility, and gratitude will help you go a long way with Father. If really commit to hearing from Him you will be a very different person in a year or two.

    Please forgive me if you already knew this.


    P.S. Here's one of my favorite "Hearing from God" stories to tell. About two years ago I was working in the kitchen. I had just put some dishes in the dishwasher and decided to run it. I opened the cabinet door under the kitchen sink to get some dishwashing detergent when, uh oh ..., there's water on the bottom of the cabinet. Immediately I hear in a very clear and fairly loud voice, "Three!" I was given the impression (remember, He doesn't always use words) that there were three leaks. Guess what? There were, in fact, three leaks. And guess who helped me find and fix them! Thank you, God.