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Friday, 2 November 2018

Friday Filthicus: BLOOD AND SAND

Let's get this weekend started off right! With a night of brutality, savagery and DEATH!!! Those of you with weaker constitutions (like Pete and TB) should give this one a miss - even I cringe at the sheer animal violence of it!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of indeterminate gender! This week, from the easternmost, godforsaken end of my empire: feathered ferocious females from the unplumbed profundity of COOPVILLE!!! And from obscure parts almost unknown, from the locale of Sunnybrook Farms: THE SUPERVISOR!!!

The horror...!!! The horror....

If you can still have a good weekend after having seen an awful spectacle like that - by all means - get after it! We'll see ya on the weekend once ya've recovered!


  1. my bloodlust is satisfied, now i return to my coffin filled with native earth until the nest chapter of filthicus

  2. Stoopid cats will never learn! Chickens rule! ☺