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Friday, 23 November 2018

Friday's Rude Jokes

The Dawgz are full a chit too.
But I will feed them and give them a treat knowing it full well.

Whadda pussy!
I get stuff like that every other day on the drive into work!
Put a couple third world monkeys on that track
and you will have the Whitemud Freeway during rush hour!
Those morons will clench you up so bad you'll never get that
seat out of your arse again!

That kid has the makings of a scholar fit to work here
at Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys.
But - to answer your question, son: no, they will be down in hell
with me where I will be forced to eat the ethnic 
food they cook for eternity.

Well that rounds up the Screaming Memies for Friday! 
I am going to work, and
some a you dimmer Yanks will be out shopping
on Black Friday.
Just between the two of us - I'd rather work!

Have a good one folks, and thanks again for stopping by.

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