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Friday, 9 November 2018

How Old Is Too Old?

%^&*!!!  Take off that monster mask, Pete!!!

Oops. Why, excuse me Ma'am! I thought you were one of my retarded friends pulling a prank.... ahem. Harumpfffff!!!!! How embarrassing! Well then! Let us change the subject, shall we!

It seems to go for the gals more so than the guys - these silly old bints that hang around well past their due dates. Hillary Clinton should have been put out to pasture years ago. This old harridan falls asleep at public events. I heard on one of the sportsmen's forums that the old girl fell and couldn't get up - and all the wanks on the forum broke in applause and rude jokes! While that is in extremely poor taste - the fact remains: how can this woman be expected to do her job? Especially when some of them are certifiable lunatics like Nancy Pelosi.

Why do they do it? When I hit 65 - I've had it. I am out. I have too many important things to do: I'll  go pro at dawg walking, camping, and grumping. I am going to become an ace Crapcopter pilot, and I am going to bomb the living shit out of my arch enemies and fellow old goats like the Bayou Renaissance Man and that trained zipper of his - Aesop! Don't worry, my war machine will incorporate armour in case one of those buzzards gets lucky with some anti-aircraft fire...

The prototypes are in the air, Aesop.
Gase upon the instrument of your destruction and tremble in fear!!!

Besides those important tasks... I have an impending appointment with my Maker and Eternity. Now that I've checked out of the world - that is a thorny subject I am going to need to come to grips with too.

But that old biddy... she's been reduced to a mere place holder or a fixture. Maybe it's just me, but there are better ways to cash out and leave this world. I don't wish ill on her - but she really needs to go.

And I need to go to work! The kids I work go full blast all the time and it is good for me to as well - for now, at least.

Have a great Friday, y'all - and thanks for stopping by.


  1. She looks like one of those skeletons from Dia de los Muertos!

    1. She was probly a real looker...back in the 1830's...

  2. Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg
    Hey one of those flying machines is easy to make with 4 old push mower engines, makes a hell of a noise but is a real babe magnet. A slight adjustment and it will quickly bush hog a field.

    1. I knew you'd be up to it, Sunny! If we scrounge up 4 more engines we could make a two seater! Will you be willing to risk your life to help me brown-bomb the Bayou boys?

    2. I'm in. I'll start looking for used lawnmowers this afternoon.