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Thursday, 1 November 2018

No Deplorables Allowed

One of my favourite gunnies refers to Noo Yawk City as 'NYFC' (guess what the 'F' stands for).

That's okay, New York, I am not offended in the least! I will be happy to stay out of your city because only niggers and queers live there, HAR HAR HAR!


  1. These are the same people that are at each others' throats if their lattes aren't just right...

    ...Imagine, if you will, when the SHTF in NYFC... There'll be two groups of people... the pussies and the posses... Three guesses as to who put these two pieces of "" out there...

    1. I shouldn't have responded like that Pete. Crap like that is meant to goad. I shoulda just smiled, loaded my guns, and let it pass.