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Wednesday, 28 November 2018


At one time I had one a those Marlin Guide Guns - a slick little lever gun about the size of a Daisy BB gun. It was aptly named, for it was the perfect rifle for the fella that was content to let somebody else do the shooting. Because I am a man, and not that bright - I barked up some handloads for it to see what it could do - and it didn't disappoint! That rude little gun developed enough horsepower to kill on both ends.

I wouldn't take that gun if it was free.


  1. Must be a suicide special, squeeze the trigger only if you don't care what happens after it goes bang. The baffling part is why the thing has two chambers.

  2. If the first shot doesn't kill ya, the second one will! :)

    1. I'd expect that after the first shot the neural connections in what once was your brain bucket would be painting the walls, so command of your trigger finger for the second shot would be impossible.

  3. I have a .45-70 revolver which I shoot occasionally. This little piece of dynamite is a gun I'd like to own, but I'd never shoot it unless my life depended on it. I'm not even sure it would be safe to shoot.