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Friday, 30 November 2018

Retard Roll Call

Good morning everyone!

Lets get this day started off right here at Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys N' Retards with the daily roll call!

BW, Pete, M, TB... yep, yep, yep... Sunny, Jack, CW... yup, yep. ….? … CW? CW!!!!

Harumpffff!!! I'd like to think this is just the usual case of retard truancy. Oh, I'm sure it is, right! No need to get bent because one a the slow kids decided to take awhile off, right? The problem is that his blog is just so great, a fella gets used to stopping by every morn to see what he's found to show us. I hope he's okay.

Friggin' Bob did that. One day his posting just stopped. The food fight in the comments lasted for days and weeks afterward. We learned a couple weeks later that he'd had a heart attack and went down at work, and that was that for that for the friendly Lord of the Treehouse. I still miss Bob, I didn't agree with everything he said, but he always shot straight in a time where telling the truth of things is now largely prohibited.

Oh well, I'm sure CW's is alright. What was Friday's assignment again? Oh - The Art Of Speed! I nearly forgot! And - seein' as how CW isn't around - maybe I'll just filtch his homework, erase his name on it, put on my own - and Bob's your Uncle: my homework assignment is done, complete and right on time! HAR HAR HAR! Hope your Friday goes as easily as mine!

The Art Of Speed By CW Swanson Glen Filthie

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