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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Thanksgiving With The Yanks

Being a Canukistani gives me the best of both worlds: I can stuff my face with turkey and all the trimmings on Canadian thanksgiving - and then go visit my American friends and pig out all over again!!! HAR HAR HAR!

TB invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner at his place but I just couldn't make it this year. He's having haggis, blood pie, boiled cabbage and spotted dick for supper. Apparently every smelly, hairy manky Scot that ever tossed a caber is going to be there too - I'd fit right in! But sadly... I am a celebrity blogger superstar and I don't have time for all the little people. I had to pass. I am in for a big day.

First I am dropping in at Quartermain's for a truly bountiful thanksgiving feast!

AWESOME. A Turkey Day MRE in a can?!?!? Brilliant!!!!
Victor Quartermain - I take back ALL
the rotten things I've said about you!

After I've stopped in for a nibble there - I am off again to visit Jack and Big Mike for a quick drink! I yam a social butterfly, dontchyaknow…

Ahhhhhhhh. Sure beats that bloody lighter fluid that WL Emery drinks.
Thankfully I have three bottles. All
Jack has to do is furnish the straws.

GAH! After I vomit into the sink and purge myself there, I am off to visit Aggie, The Supervisor and Sunny over at Sunnybrook farm!

Hic...! Why Aggie, you are such a gracious hostess! Shall I cut up The Supervisor's
turkey for him? BEEEEEELCH!!!!

I will probably be in a food coma at this point. But if I'm not... I will make darned sure to raise a glass to the best Americans on the planet!

Hope all you squaddies have a good thanksgiving too.
Try not to be too homesick and have some fun.

For all the disappointed bloggers that wanted me to spend thanksgiving with them - have your people call my people and maybe we'll set something up for next year! HAR HAR HAR!

Happy Thanksgiving Yanks - and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Turkey is the best part of our Thanksgiving. I like mine on ice, with a little water.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jess! I used to be of the firm opinion that water in spirits was sinful and an indication of a degenerate intellect. One day a scotch snob insisted that I try it - just a spoonful of water to 'open up the spirit', as he put it. It was just incredible. With that, I was able to identify all the flavours that the cellar masters discuss in flowing terms when they describe their makes.

      Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Glen! Oddly enough, we have not had turkey in years - since we moved, it is just too much food for the four of us (and really, we are not all that fond of turkey). We have had salmon for the last few years but are going over to a friend's this year, so perhaps turkey then.

    1. Oh I love salmon. Do it on a cedar plank on the BBQ...with dill and hot sauce...

      One of these days, God willing - I'd love to sit down and have a coffee and a chat.

  3. Ah Dear Filthie, good to see someone still likes the Craigs! It is quite palatable once you get the gelatinous layer of formaldehyde scraped off the top. Enjoy the Holiday and Slainte!