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Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Times They Are A-Chanin'

I grew up in this town. It was like Mayberry back then. We all had paper routes, we all stayed out late and played at night during the summers, in winter we went down to the rink and played hockey.

On Tuesday a bomb went off prematurely down at the local library - about a mile from where I live. All we know is that only the driver was killed - "a 21 year old man" according to the cops. The car was packed with Tannerite. The local mayor is doing the standard proggie 'we'll stand together during this crisis' bullshit. Sure, guys. We're all united. That's why car bombs are going off in our parking lots. Or 'Canadian men' go off the rails and drive their trucks into crowds at public events. Screw you, Mr. Mayor.

I'm gonna say it: I'm thinking a certain blood cult, that idolizes a pedophile prophet may be involved. Call it a random guess. But never mind this grumpy old man from Alberta - look at our dashing prime minister! He's wearing pink socks!!!

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  1. I just woke up and looked around myself a few days back, and I didn't much like what I saw.

    I've only read a little of this event, but it sounds like the detonator went off by accident - possibly connected to a cell phone, but officialdom isn't talking.

    We just had another shooting in gun free, we're all progressives, and everyone has a right to feel safe, California. No one had so much as a dirty look to fight back with, and in this case the shooter knew what he was doing. He took the coward's way out before the cops could shoot him.

    Please be extra careful out there, Glen. I do not want to read about you in the morning news, or on a certain old fart's over-billed blog spot.